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Guaranty Bank / Overdraft Charges

1 Menomonee Falls, WI, United States

I wrote a check and an unexpected charge came in from a website. I was $3.00 over and didn't know it. They sent the check back and paid the $3.00. I made a deposit the next day to cover the check and their $27.00 fee. The check cleared that day. I had an extra $25.00 in my account. Without any notification, the place I wrote the check too, billed my account $30.00. Guaranty Bank didn't pay it and charged me another $27.00. I had no knowledge of what their returned check fee was. They could have have charged $50.00 and I wouldn't know it. By the time I realized what had happened, 10 days passed and Guaranty Bank charged me $28.00 each day my account was minus. I was all of a sudden -$282.00. I didn't know that the Bank charged $28.00 a day for 14 days. It used to be $8.00. I called the bank as soon as I realized what happened and complained that I was never notified of any of this. They told me that I should call for my account balance everyday. I have banked there for the last 30 years and never had a problem like this. I keep the balance in my checkbook and was always notified if there was a problem. I get paid once a month and didn't have the money to put in for another 5 days. So I got charged for 4 more days. Now I was -$394.00. My check was automatically deposited and I was in the black. And guess what happened? 15 days later the $30.00 charge came in again, and I got charged $27.00 again. It all started over again at $28.00 a day. I finally called them a bunch of robbers and stopped the automatic deposits. I had given them more than $700.00 in 1 + 1/2 months. I am still minus and have refused to give them any more money. I couldn't afford to feed my family and said I'll be damned if I starve while they steal money. And we the taxpayers have to bail out the Banks? Welcome to the 21st century and Obama!
A former Guaranty Banker

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