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I completed a survey for bingo bash and didn't receive my reward. Screenshots of my purchase and the completed survey. The prize was supposed to be a mega prize. Besides completing the survey, I also shared the post, commented on the post, etc.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Lincoln Park, MI Everything I was to do in order to get rewarded my mega prize. If I don't get rewarded my mega prize, I think its only fair I receive to cancel my subscription for the Dr Seuss purchase because I only bought it for the mega prize reward!! Plz contact me back to let me know why I didn't receive my reward. Ty

Gsn Games
Gsn Games
Gsn Games
Gsn Games

Apr 05, 2017
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  • El
      Apr 03, 2018

    Not able to collect bingo chips when I'm playing on my android. It is constantly telling me I have already collected this gift which I have not . Disappointed in this because I only get 38 bingo chips a day . As I've mentioned before I cannot afford to buy chips . So every free gift that I get extends my play which I enjoy every day .

    Elaine Caputo //[protected]

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  • Li
      Apr 09, 2018

    They are a total rip off. I'm canceling my credit card charges from them

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  • Su
      Jun 28, 2018

    I am so similar to Elaine Caputo. 49 chips not 32 but it has become more frustrating as since 7/8 days there is no response to my messages. Approximately 6 complaints. Now flashed up 8 cards I have won but not on my games. Bingo Bash was so great to play during last5/7 months, not now and what I have spent is incredible.

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  • Ju
      Aug 27, 2018

    Not sure if I'm at the right place. My Facebook bingo bash game is only giving me 58 daily credits. It was 63 and I am VIP category. My other account was getting 68 and that one dropped to 58 but I think that one is fixed.

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  • Ca
      Nov 15, 2018

    I bought 4 cards -32 chips, when the game came on I could not play any of the numbers so I lost the chips and the game came up and said you did not win anything. what the heck is that?

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  • Ma
      Jan 20, 2019

    I was playing in the Princess Ballroom and I won two bingos in a row and didn't get credit for the bingos. I was very disappointed. Thank you, Mary Nolan

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  • Pa
      Jan 24, 2019

    I won in Name the Fable on Bingo Bash and went to collect and once again I have been duped. It said that it had expired. It was just posted. This is twice this has happened to me and I am really get tired of being suckered. I hope you will fix this as you didn't the last time. Please get it right.

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  • Sm
      Jul 04, 2019

    Hi I played Happy Paws in Bingo Bash today I collected a lot of airplanes and every time that it was supposed to go to where I can collect them in the cities it would freeze and I would have to refresh the page and it would not bring me in could you please fix this thank you so much :)

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