I loved my groove books, but now the quality of the prints are horrible!!! I'm so mad every time I get my book anymore : (you had a great great thing going and now I search the web for an upgrade: (I used to do a little dance while I opened my "reward" gift to myself for quitting smoking! Yes this was my "reward" it made me feel so great to know I treat myself with this little gift because I made myself better and now I am not excited about my reward little gift 4years and &3 months... Please fix the quality back to great instead of dissatisfaction! I have referred many people to groovebook but anymore I don't.. If you are going to be in business be a business to be proud of not a business to where the customer is ashamed to be a member of the group or even embarrassed to refer a friend because they will receive a crappy product and waste their precious hard earned dollars to receive junk! You had a good thing now fix the problem immediately! Don't waste more time!!! You could have many people or loose many this is your company choice! Bad business will not prosper it will sink. I wish you the best luck... And I will be watching the quality of my next books. I'm expecting nothing less than what I recieved 3-4 years ago!

Mar 01, 2017

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