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I signed up for their affiliate program the like on this websight is my link. I have had 3 for sure sales I placed them myself! 1 for me and 2 under another customers account for her. I have recieved no credit at all. I have also had around 30 traffic on my sight how many of these bought stuff they are not crediting me? I had big plans with this product including severl parties set up next month and was going to become a distributor. I have spent time and money promoting this with no results. I have emailed the affiliate manager 5 times and problem center 1 time. No one will even answer my emails! I want the cedit promised me for the work I did! If they contact me to resolve this matter I will update you, if not I am going to blog, write and complain to every venue I can find to help others to not be scammed with promises greensmoke does not keep!

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  • Ex
      Jun 01, 2010

    Maybe the product is being returned? so no credit if they return it? I just signed up for the affiliate program. Is the product good? I hate to try to sell something that I know will probably be returned. I just purchased the product a few days ago. Guess I'll find out.

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  • Ja
      Jun 17, 2010

    I have not had any of the problems you mentioned with Green Smoke's affiliate program.
    Got credited for sales and got my questions answered by affiliate support.
    - Jay W.

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  • Ec
      Jun 30, 2010

    yes i have had problems with Green Smoke too, they are scam!!! I have been using Smokeless Delite now and have been earning 35% commission. check them out - and I know they have a better electronic cigarette than Green Smoke!

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  • Sn
      Jun 19, 2011
    Greensmoke - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT
    United States

    First of all, buying the electronic cigarette from this company is a bad idea. They are nothing but liars and give you the runaround so you will never get your money back. My husband got sick from the electronic cigarette that Greensmoke sells. He got a reaction in his throat from the ingredient that's found in antifreeze that's in the vapor of the cigarette. He spent $185 on the product and can't even return it. Their customer service department is great if you want to order but when it comes time to return anything, forget it, you are fresh out of luck so please do not buy from

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