Green Mountain / signed me up for service after I had already called to cancel it

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This company came to my residence to offer their services, which I accepted at first. But, after going online & seeing how they operate & swindle their customers, I called back the same day and told the guy named "Dalwayne Howard" phone# [protected] an african american who is one of their reps, to cancel it. He Said "OK, fine that's not a problem I haven't even put it through the system yet. Fast forward to 2 months ahead & I get this charge on my bill telling me that my service has been switched. I immediately call "Dalwayne" to tell him that what he did was foul & criticized his deceptive business practices. He got extremely irate & said he had all my information & he was gonna come "[censored] Me Up", to which I responded "What???, well do what you gotta do", & then I hung up the phone called the company to fix his problem & file a complaint.
DON'T SWITCH OVER TO THIS COMPANY OR GIVE THEM PERSONAL INFORMATION WHATEVER YOU DO!!! They are a very shady company & this worker showed that VERY clearly. I have viewed many complaints about them & the hype about them is true. Not a good option for a natural resource alternative energy. The only "Green" they are after is YOUR'S in your pockets & bank account. They'll do or say ANYTHING to get you to sign up & take your money which they get much more of in the long run than your current provider. There is no real savings in the long run. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR ###!!! Save yourself the extra stress & headaches & stay with your current energy provider. These people ARE NOT who you want to switch over to.<----VERY REAL & TRUE TESTIMONY GIVEN HERE<---- I hope my complaint does not fall on deaf ears & more situations with them are avoided for other would be customers in the future.

Mar 22, 2013
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      Apr 03, 2013

    We sincerely apologize for this experience, and we take issues such as this extremely seriously. I do show that you have since spoken to our Customer Care team to report your complaint. They were able to submit a request to cancel your service as well as file a formal complaint against the sales agent. As a result, the agent was removed from the program. Our Quality team did try to reach out to you but was unsuccessful. If you would like to provide additional feedback or details, please e-mail [protected], and we will be happy to reach out to you again.

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      Apr 10, 2013

    I keep on getting letters that the service will take effect on 4/26/13. I called ONCE AGAIN to cancel this BS! I hope that now they finally cancel this crap, Do I have to call them every month to cancel or what??? WTF is going on??? Maybe third times a charm. I'm very extremely pleased to hear that that sorry ### loser of a an employee is gone. Dalwayne Howard better not EVER, EVER set foot near me & my family. I take his threats VERY seriously & have put up surveillance cameras in case he comes around trying to harm someone, myself included . I shouldn't have to be threatened by some sucker who's trying to take advantage of me by using personal information. I know not to take him lightly, & a threat to me or my family will be dealt with accordingly. He needs to STAY AWAY from me & my family. For everyone's good, his own included. At least he no longer is part of your company. That brings me some relief that something is indeed being done to curb problematic individuals such as himself. He doesn't deserve to EVER work again for your company, or ANYONE else in my opinion. I've never experienced such a display of what a pathetic, lowlife ### a person can be, until I met Dalwayne Howard that is. What a POS human & silly sales rep he truly was. Glad to hear that he is gone for good. Amen!

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