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Liverpool, England, Merseyside, United Kingdom

I have just returned from returning a car to your Liverpool office. To put it mildly, I am fuming.

Your operative checked the vehicle and advised me that there were two scuffs on the wheels. I was shocked, I had taken great care of the car.

When I checked, there were slight scuffs on the wheel, photos attached, but they could have been there before as I would never think of considering this anything other than usual wear and tear.

Amazingly, he knew how much it would be to fix and charged me £285. Surely, you would need a mechanic to do this? His attitude was surly and he refused to give me his full name, he only offered Shoaib. Not sure what he thought he had to hide but your staff should have name badges on.

It so happens that I have come across this operative before. In July, I hired a car to take my wife away for a few nights. I took the documentation it specified on the car rentals app but didn't have my passport. I accept that Greenmotion separately request this so was talking to my wife when...This operative offered me the car anyway provided I bought insurance. As it was our wedding anniversary, I just paid.

One can only presume that your operative's bump up their money by this sort of profiteering. You can see the marks, that is what happens when you tuck a car in so it is not hit on the outside.

Your reputation has taken a real battering in the press and I am ready to add to it. I expect a refund of the money and a letter of explanation with in the next two weeks or I will refer the matter to my solicitor and the local and national press. I will also contact carrentals and urge them to remove you from their comparison app.

To say I am angry does not even come close. This sort of blatant exploitation of the general public ruins the reputation of the whole car rental business.


William Noon

Green Motion International
Green Motion International

Oct 21, 2018

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