Green Dot Prepaid Visa / unauthorized credit card charges

Mcminnville, OR, United States

I put 150.00 on my card on the 2nd paved cable of 100.00 an now it is saying I have 3.00 dollars on my card where did the 50.00 go I did not make any other purchases an money was taken off I want my money returned I work hard for my money an would like it returned.This is the 2 and time this has happened.This could cause me jail time that was my fine happened on 05-03-17 I would like a refund of my money I don't understand how this could happen.I was assured that this was a good and safe card when I bought it and activated it by your representatives .So now I am having to go through all this hassle over charges I never OK'd

  • Updated by sean mathis, May 04, 2017

    i would like my money refunded

May 4, 2017

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