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I entered my son into this contest, they emailed me and said that he had made it into the cutest babies of 2011 book! I was excited and wanted a keepsake. I ordered the book March of 2011. I have a purchase receipt and everything, but no book and no contact from them. I have emailed them over 10 times for my money back. I have now taken it as a lesson learned and as a loss of almost a hundred dollars. Can anyone say SCAM!

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  • Ch
      1st of Dec, 2008

    This site is a scam. They have you submit a pic and take you to online surveys in order to vote. My inbox has been packed with junkmail since going to this website.

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  • Bl
      29th of Jun, 2010

    I submitted my son's photo into the 'Great American Photo Contest'. About 10 minutes later I already got an email saying my son's photo was reviewed by the judges and he would be in "The Cutest Babies In The World" (or something like that) hardback book for 2010. Also the email told me to verify his photo and to follow a link so his photo would be published. Well I went to the link and it had all the information about the book. But in order for my son't photo to be in this book I had to buy a copy ahead of time. It sounded to me like a scam so I didn't give the site any of my information after that.

    Also, one of my emails told me to send a link to all my friends so they could vote for my son's photo. Well my mother told me when she went to the link she had to give out her email and phone number to these people in order for her to vote. Sounds legit enough for me so I told her just to go ahead and do it. So she did and it took her to a site saying she won a free Apple ipad and wanted her address and credit card number for shipping.

    And finally about an hour ago I received another email saying my son has been entered in a $25, 000 photo contest and he was one of the finalists. So I go to the link they sent me again and it was the same nonsense as before.

    So if you see this contest I advise you not to enter. Otherwise you will have about 100 spam email's and a lot of hassle.

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  • Tl
      25th of Feb, 2011

    What can I say, I submitted a piece of dog poop and they told me I won.
    same rundown, They want $70 and your credit card# and they're off and running.
    Hey, I grew up in Somerville, Mass.
    You didn't get me, but If I ever get a hold of you...
    Tommy Lawless

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  • Cr
      27th of Apr, 2011

    i got emailed saying my dogs pic was chosen for the Most Adorable Pets in America 2011.i dont like giving my credit card number out over the phone for something like glad i saw your comment though.i will just wait till it comes out on book store shelves if its legit.

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  • Ob
      12th of May, 2012

    I too was a bit concerned with this contest, especially after reading so many posts from everyone. However, I entered my dog in this contest, yes you must register a cell phone number because the advertisers will use it to try to sell you stuff. Just unsubscribe after you receive your Great American Photo Contest confirmation e-mail (wait for the confirmation because you need it to be able to vote). Remember to vote for your photo and have friends vote too. And yes, I got some e-mails stating my dog was the judges pick, and I could buy a photo book, etc., but I never purchased one item, ever. So, guess what? I AM THE WINNER FOR APRIL 2012. Yes, my beautiful dog Lacy won this contest. Even after I received the phone call saying I won, I was still a bit unsure of the legitimacy of this contest. Well, today I received my $1, 000 check - So, YES this is a real contest. Keep in mind that over 100, 000 people enter each month, so the odds of winning can be slim. Just keep voting for your photo, don't give up. You can go to their site and look at the April 2012 winner - it's my beloved little girl.

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