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Nothing has been delivered as promised on their end! Whether it is Grand Miramar, Legacy Centurion or Diamond Management Group, it appears they are scamming. Richard Bounds, Vivienne Lewis, Miranda Slater, George Gastelum, no one has honored the promises made. We have done it all. We paid everything they asked, fees, taxes, everything because we believed they were legitimate. From buybacks to you will get your money in 5 days after paying this. Thousands of dollars and they have neither fixed what they promised or paid any of it to us. We have completed all they asked from Miramar to Chapala in Guadelahara to current. Now that it is all due from them with us honoring everything they asked for, we hear nothing. It is devastating financially for us, a large black eye for Mexico, negates Mexicos' desire to foster tourism, and hopefully will haunt those doing those horrible things to hones tourists. Mexico needs to take a strong stand to correct this or they will lose a great opportunity to have others believe in them, invest with them or support their economy with tourism and investments. Stay away from Grand Miramar until they become honest. It is a beautiful place and a shame it is being used to rob people. Posting will help you know if they honor their word. If I get mine, I will repost but not till then so no fake posititves can fix that. Right now, I hate they have chosen to do this and I hope they correct things willingly. In the meantime, please post ways to get the money promised if you find one. Thanks

Feb 17, 2017
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  • Fh
      Jul 28, 2017

    Join others to prosecute and get restitution:

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