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On November 14 we entered into two contracts with Legacy Centurion at the Grand Miramar. We paid $39, 500.00 USD for a 3 bedroom rental agreement [21 weeks @ $4, 900.00 per week for 5 years] plus a $2, 500.00 USD "activation fee" to DD Woodward. All of this money was sent by wire transfer. We were to receive our pay out in 45 days. The other contract was for a 1 bedroom unit costing us $12, 000.00 USD paid by credit card which was a trade in on a 1 bedroom timeshare that we own in Arizona. A further $2, 500.00 USD "activation fee" was paid to DD Woodward. The trade in value was $38, 000. We were not paid for either contract and cannot afford to lose $52, 900.00 USD!! We are retired, living on a fixed income and this financial loss has been devastating to us as it equates to around $73, 000.00 CAD!!! If there is no intention of paying us, which there clearly isn't, then please just cancel the contracts and refund our money. We don't understand why you do this to people. It's ruining our lives and you don't need to. Every day we wake up feeling sickened by how our lives have been destroyed by our dealings with the people at the Grand Miramar and Legacy Centurion and the endless lies told to us by DD Woodward. We just want our money back.

May 09, 2017
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  •   Feb 07, 2018

    Type in "Grand Miramar" and look at some of the other threads. You are far from alone.

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