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Grand Crowne Resorts / Lack of closure by gcr, tpi, and capital resorts

1 BRANSON MO, United States

1.In sep, 2013, my wife and I entered into this timeshare agreement!
2.In aug, 2014, I advised gcr that we could no longer make payments and
Will be withdrawing from the contract with no request for refund at all!
3.In oct, 2014, we sent in all medical papers to justify our actions due
To home health care for my 95 year old aunt, we could not afford
Nursing homes. If gcr had accepted that, gcr would have been paid
13 months at 185/month, plus $900 down payment with having put out
Nothing for us! They rrefused!!
4.In nov, 2015, a year later, I got the tpi notice and replied that I still had
To pay for the maintenance fees!!!
5. I sent an email to gcr and advised them that we had received the tpi
Notice and that we were not paying for it, since we had not paid for the
Timeshare.In response to that email, gcr reps sent me a solution to
Consider: mutual release agreement * (Mra). After reading it, I was
Upset that they did not do this earlier upon receipt of the medical
6. I downloaded it, signed it and gcr received it. Two weeks later, the rep
From gcr said the mra was being held up due to the maintenance
Fees. I sent a copy of the mra to tpi, asked them to remove all late
Fees and give me a minimum they would take to satisfy tpi/gcr. I
Paid the $438!!! Got an email stating mx fees were paid and account
Paid in full! I attached to an email to gcr in branson!!
7. I assumed all was done!
8.In dec, 2016 three months ago, I got the tpi notice, contacted tpi they
Said to contact gcr. Gcr showed no mra!!! I sent marsha keys the
Mra that she said gcr did not have on file. I sent it to tpi, and they
Referred me to cap resorts (This got stupid, now!). Cap resorts,
Jason!!, said I needed a "termination agreement", which is ###!!
But, to end this fiasco, I did it, signed it the 7th or so of jan (6 weeks
Ago). I have contacted him twice this month, both times jason says
He sent the check request to gcr (But, then changed to tpi later) in
Jan, 2017. I emailed him today, feb 13th, 2017, and he said he sent
The request and when he gets the check, he will forward to tpi. I sent
That email to marsha keys at gcr! She said nothing in the file of
Any of his actions, account still open, and that gcr would not get
The check, tpi would. Thus, marsha keys confirmed the my account
Shows no action by cap resorts, tpi or gcr on a case that
Should have been resolved over a year ago!

9.In closing, I am retired air force and learned to use the chain of command. I assumed gcr was the "boss" and tpi/cap resorts worked as their manager. I assume you are the board of directors who could look into this, thus sending this email to you. I have done two things: first, sent this entire sequence of events to the better business bureau of missouri; and had three of my friends who used gcr to quit and sell their timeshares as they were having same issues, but not as bad. They each were able to sell at market. I had to do a mra after spending nearly $2000 on nothing.
10. I thank you for your time and hope to hear from the bod on this soon!
Tim krause

Feb 13, 2017

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