Grand Circle Travel / Horrible Vacation

United States

I just returned from a trip/cruise with GCT to Egypt. They put my friend and I in a room with "engine noise". We didn't know this until we got to the room but they did because when we returned home we had a letter from GCT stating that the room we were in had "engine noise/vibration issues". The engine noise was so loud it was deafening. We couldn't hear each other speak. We could not sleep in the room even with earplugs in our ears and pillows over our heads. The diesel fumes were nauseating. We couldn't breathe in that room. It was sickening. And, just to ice the cake it was so hot in there that we sweated any time we were in the room. The rest of the ship was cool and comfortable. In the end I got off the ship a day early.

I would have left sooner if I could have figured out a way to do it. We paid $500 extra a piece to get a great room with a great view. Not only was there no better view, our friends on the first floor actually got to sleep and spend time in their room relaxing.

Damage Resulting
We couldn't use the room. We had to sleep in the lounge or on the top deck. My hearing has been damaged. There is no telling what the fumes did to us. I lived on coffee all week trying to stay awake during the day. When we complained about the room all we got in return was that it was too bad, there were no options. This is not acceptable. We have sent emails and made calls since we've returned and the only response we've had is that "they'll turn it over to the Quality Control department.

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