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GCUs response to any type of customer service is absolutely horrid. It is enough to make you scream. They seemed to be trained to misdirect you in everyway possible, then drop your call!

It is impossible to get these idoits to resolve anything. I would not be surprised if criminal activity is occuring. It ought, at least, be criminal for them to take our money, and we never get our problems addressed, or phone calls returned.

I urge you not to do business with these idiots!

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  •   Sep 08, 2010

    Hi LLyon,

    Please contact me directly and I'll be happy to assist you in resolving any issues you may have. I'm sorry for any inconvenience you've experienced.

    Robyn Itule

    Social Media Strategist


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  • Mo
      Jan 04, 2011

    The longer I am associated with GCU the sorrier I am, they baited me away from another on line school with their Christian Studies program. I am so sorry I ever listened to their sales pitch. When you bring a complaint to their attention they start to become defensive and then before you know it you are on the defensive, today alone I was related to as a trouble maker...being silly!!! when I asked to speak to a supervisor, her reply was "She had no idea what to say".
    I am disabled, they accepted me knowing this and assured me accomodations would be made to compensate for my shortcomings, now due to a technocality I have been told they need more letters from my doctors, the last letter my doctor wrote told them if they had more questions feel free to contact him on his fax line for further information.
    In spite of my 3. something GPA I have been put on a scholastic probation list and after the finish of my present class I feel sure I am doomed to be expelled.
    I wish I could say I don't care, I am 58 years old, and after dropping out of school to enlist in the military I just wanted to prove to my family and myself that I was capable; I suppose I chose the wrong playing field to make my big play. I hope they can live with thierselves after killing my dreams.
    If you can avoid this school please go elsewhere I doubt it could be worse, and I do use the term (school) very loosely.

    Ronald L Brockman Major?...Religious Studies
    Signing this may not be smart, but it shows that I truely believe That I have been wronged.

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  •   Jan 05, 2011

    Hi Ronald,
    The University strives to help students like yourself reach their educational goals. I would like to refer you to Beth Jamison in our Academic Compliance Department to assist you with some of the concerns you have mentioned. I think she will be able to help you. She can be reached at [protected].

    Robyn Itule
    Social Media Strategist

    Beth Jamison
    Academic Compliance Administrator
    Student Disability Services
    Grand Canyon University
    Phone: [protected]

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