Grand Canyon University / grand canyon university is not cswe certified to become a social worker in oregon

United States

When I started at Grand Canyon University in May I was so excited about becoming a student and I was more excited because it was a Christian school but I feel I was deceived. I told my counselor that I wanted to become a social worker and they told me that I needed to take psychology classes. Then something told me to do more research and found out to become a social worker in Oregon the school needs to be CSWE program. I emailed my counselor back and told him I needed to withdraw from school and the class. He told me that I needed to finish the semester off or I will owe more money. I certainly owe 3, 600 in loans for three classes. I do not feel I need to pay for this considering I wasn't told the truth. The school know I was living in Oregon and I feel that they should have told me that the school is not CSWE certified. So I need to know what to do to resolve this issue. I need my loan to be forgiven and unenrolled me from Grand Canyon University.

Sep 17, 2017

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