Grand Canyon University [GCU] / university and its doctoral programs

Phoenix, AZ, United States
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Basically, the programs are established, but there is a scam. The scam is associated with the end of the program where you have to use their methodologists and their content experts to include on your dissertation committee. The rub is that they charge you for 8 weeks classes and do not place any deadlines on your committee to force them to review your work. Once you exceed 4 sections of 8 weeks courses you have to pay $500+ dollars out of pocket to the school to basically have your dissertation proposal/full dissertation draft reviewed by your committee. Again, there is no way to enforce a timely response and all you can do is wait. But, the longer you wait the more times you have to pay $500+ for another 8 weeks review period to no end. They are not Christian oriented they are scammers and Daniel Smith (Director of Dissertation Studies), Michael Berger (Dean of College of Doctoral Studies), Cynthia Bainbridge (Research and Dissertations) and Wayne Schmidt (Education Program Chair) should be ashamed of themselves and possibly named in a direct lawsuit. They should have a better management of the doctoral programs for which they are all responsible as individuals and as a leadership team. Moreover, the financial/admissions representatives give you one quote for the program, but when you receive your bill you find courses are about $2000 more. I will not and do not recommend this low hanging fruit of a school to anyone else.

Oct 19, 2018

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