Grand Canyon Univeristy / These People Hold Your Financial Aid!

I completed my master's with Grand Canyon, and until the final class had no probelms. When all of a sudden, the time came to request the transcript, and my financial aid was not posted for the last class.. I was told it would be, but it never was. Now, I am in the doctorate program, and I am in the 6th module, headed into the 7th of a class, and again, my financial aid has yet to post. I am assuming, I will complete this class owing a balance, before they get this all straightened out, and their collections department will again call me and harass me for the money that I have solidified student loans to take care of any balances. I guess they don't like responding via email, because no one calls back. This is irritating, unprofessional and unethical. All I keep thinking is, "Here we go again!" What are they doing with the money that I am required to pay back? This is the only college that I have ever had this problem with. They make you feel bad about asking about your financial aid.


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