GrabCarhandphone missing in grabcar

Recently I took a ride from Grab (Black Subaru) and I accidentally left my Iphone 7 inside the car. I activated The find my Iphone and found out that the car was roaming around for more than 3 hours. When I called the lost and found service centre the staff told me that the driver informed that my handphone was not to be found. I felt that the staff were not helpful and they were not able to disclose to me any information even after I have made a police report. Even if I have made a mistake the least they could do is to send the car back to my location so I can confirm through the iphone tracking device and let my mind at ease. As the handphone was bought out of my hard earned money I honestly lost my trust in Grab service and would say this would be the most devastating follow up that they could provide with. They left me hanging in a worried state.

Jan 14, 2017

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