GrabCardriver cancelling booking without reason

On 20 january 2017, i booked a grab car to go to ss2 from paradigm mall. A driver named ting chiong ping (Qaa8515m - toyota vios) accepted my booking and made his way to my location. The map showed that he was reaching in about 5 minutes as he was nearby paradigm mall. Instead of coming over, he circled the mall for another 10 minutes before cancelling my trip abruptly without any valid reason!

I'm upset because he has wasted my time waiting for nothing. If he didn't want to send me to my destination, he should not have accepted my booking in the first place! The fact that he was already around the area but refused to pick me up is simply unacceptable. As it was quite late (Around 11.20 pm), i didn't manage to book another grab driver. I ended up asking a friend to fetch me.

I use grabcar quite often, but this is the worst service i've ever experienced. I hope your team will take stern action on such irresponsible drivers who accept and cancel trips unnecessarily, as they are causing inconvenience to passengers like me.


Jan 22, 2017

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