Gordmans / gordmans new clothing design (long racks)

I recently went into what used to be my favorite store...Gordmans and it now looks like a marshalls or other stores that use those long racks, with clothes stuffed into them, all wrinkled, and no viewing of new arrivals at the store. Not to mention now you have to "DIG" through all the stuffed clothes (which takes lots of time) just to try and find something. and what's up with the shoe department? It looks like a thrift store, with flat shelving you can't even see the shoes without pulling out every single one!! Seriously, who's idea what all this? I'm not going to struggle to find clothes to buy...

My husband even hated it! and this is the one store he actually liked to shop. You couldn't tell where the big & tall men's sections started or ended by the regular mens' dept. It looked like all the same thing.

I'm gonna miss shopping @ Gordmans.

EXTREMELY disappointed former customer!


May 29, 2018

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