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[Resolved] Gopro / customer service & product

1 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

Incident Date: April 7th 2017
Client Number [protected]

I am still waiting for a shipping label to return my faulty camera yet again as per GoPro promise.

I have written a number of emails to GoPro customer service asking for a response and I still have not received any communication to advise me on the status of the return. It has been over 10 days and they are still not responding to me.

I have attempted to use the 'Chat' service advertised your website - closed or no agent on line. I am now on the phone for over 30mins and still no agent is picking up.

Based on experiencing two faulty products, extremely poor customer service, Apps that do not do what they are advertised to do (simply open and work) I am bitterly disappointed with GoPro.

I have sent you my HERO 4 Silver that I paid shipping costs.

I have paid for a new camera and I'm waiting for a shipping label.

As a minimum I'm waiting for a response out of pure common courtesy and yet I've received nothing.

As a result I feel I am left with no choice but to request a full refund of my money including my hero 4 silver GoPro.

Hi Rob,

Please send the CAMERA ONLY (no housing or other accessories) to the following address for review, and we will repair or replace it under warranty if the unit is defective. ***Please note, we can not be held liable for the return of any items not listed on the RMA document.



CEVA Logistics

Attn: GoPro c/o Logistics Department
RMA#: RMA-287519
1880 Matheson Blvd.
E. Mississauga, ON L4W5N4

We are sorry about the inconvenience, but we will get a working camera back to you soon! Please respond directly to this email here, rather than to the message containing the RMA form, should you have any questions or concerns.

Please keep the camera with you for a while until we get a shipping label for you.

Many Thanks,

Katelyn R.
GoPro Support



I’ve still not received as response from your customer service regarding my faulty camera and I am still waiting for a shipping label.

I also do not wish to have a repaired/reconditioned unit sent back to me and as such I would simply like refund.

My faith in GoPro services and products has diminished completely.

Please do kindly respond to me by tomorrow or this will become a litigation matter.


Rob Gamache

Customer support has not responded and this case has been ongoing since April 7th (last correspondence)

I would appreciate a response tomorrow Friday April 21, 2017 thank you.

Rob Gamache


I’ve been attempting to get hold of your customer service department for a number of weeks.

The 24/7 on-line chat service you advertise on your website states you are either closed or no agent is on line. This has been the case since yesterday evening.

I am currently waiting on the phone for a representative to answer. So far I’ve been on the phone for over 25mins.

Please can someone respond back to me.


Hi Rob,

Good day. Thanks for contacting GoPro Support. I appreciate your time and I'm really happy that I was the one who help you place the order.

Just to follow up with the call, here is the Sales Order number: SO-2284605. I'm glad we were able to help. Soon you'll be receiving a survey and we's really appreciate if you could take a minute to fill it out. If you have any questions or concerns aside from what is stated initially, please feel free to include it in your reply to this email.

We are excited to imagine you capturing your best moments in life again. If you will need further assistance or you come across with any questions, please to let us know and we are always ready to help.

Have an awesome and safe day!

All the best,

Meryxcel C.
GoPro Support


Hey Rye,

Received the camera.

OMG there are so many things not working its beyond belief.

I’ve written to support with my findings. Here is a list:

Downloaded Quik tomato sure the new camera was compatible and updated could be loaded.

wI set up a user account -
The email verification didn’t work
The link to Facebook didn’t work

I selected the updated GoPro camera options - 827 days off
After some time the error message came up, unable to load

Emailed GoPro support
The hyper link to tell you where the serial number is….didnt work.

The camera is now stuck trying to download 1/2 files

Unable to switch off or do anything with it….its stuck, frozen.

After what happened to my GopRO 4 silver and now experiencing the same and more issues with the new camera; I think Go Pro and I are over.

How can I send back please for a refund.



Hi Rob,

Good day. Thank for getting back to me. I appreciate your time.

Upon checking the cases under your name, it looks like one of my colleague is already trying to help you with you case. With that being said, I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience that experience with regard to the camera.

No worries, we are fully aware of the problem and I wanted to thank you for letting us know about the issues that you are getting. If you have any questions or concerns aside from what is stated initially, please feel free to include it in your reply to this email.

Many Thanks,

Meryxcel C.
GoPro Support

Hi Ry,

I’m not heard back from GoPro Customer Service and have sent two reminder emails.

Im bitterly disappointed.

Perhaps you can assist in this matter as it would seem someone has dropped the ball either by accident or intentionally.



Apr 21, 2017

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