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Gopro / faulty product

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I live in the U. K. I bought a Go Pro Motorsports Hero video camera direct from Go Pro. I told them everything about my racing car and they showed me a link to their camera being used on a single seat racing car. It works OK and records up to 50 minutes when used in the house or garden, or when mounted to the dashboard of our road car. When I mount it to the rollbar of my single seat racing car, using the Go Pro rollbar mounting, I get this problem. The camera starts recording but stops after a few seconds. The longest clip I have got is about 30 seconds. When it stops, the red light remains on continuously. Neither the record button or the on/off button do anything when pressed. To turn the light off I have to remove a battery. The memory card then contains one clip. Most times, that file is 0 bytes and unplayable. A couple of times, the file has been 30 seconds long and playable. I have tried encasing the camera in aluminium foil to see if there is an interference problem with the engine, but that makes no difference. We run a transponder for lap timing, like everyone else in the U. K. Disconnecting this makes no difference to the camera function. I have Emailed Go Pro, asking for help. But they do not reply.

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  • Ta
      14th of Apr, 2018
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    This is NOT a complaint, but rather a COMPLEMENT!!! In the TM store, Tienmu in Taipei City, Mr. Michael Pan, Appliance Sales Manager, gave me GREAT and impeccable service and went over and beyond his duties in his position. I could not get help from a GoPro shop down the street and they actually told me to go to Carrefour. After I told Mr. Pan the situation, he called GoPro and ordered what I needed since I can't speak or write Chinese. Please praise Mr. Pan and reward him in some customer-oriented, professional and special way. It's because of people like him why I continue to shop there.

    Furthermore, I AM complaining to HQ, corporate, for not having a praise/complement an employee/store instead of JUST a place to complain. Thanks for your time, and again please reward Mr. Michael Pan at the TM store in Taipei City.

    Jeff Merka
    [email protected]

  • An
      11th of Sep, 2016
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    The camera freezes while 1-2 minutes into taking a video. I had never one complete video, except for short tests. GoPro does not stand behind their product, support is not helping, GoPro does not repair their cameras. Support first blamed on firmware and "unsupported" microSD card, updated to latest firmware and purchased "supported" microSD card - that did not solve the issue. Tried with a few different cards, same result.
    Beware, your $400+ investment in GoPro products is not protected by anything. Cheap assembly quality and substandard electronic parts. Very much disappointed. Would never buy GoPro again.

  • Re
      24th of Jul, 2013
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    I have problem with my HERO 2 its flooded with water and cant use it anymore, gopro say looks like theres a faulty on the housing, but now, go pro is playing tactics and doesn't want to take responsibility on their faulty product, they are ignoring my email now...

  • Jo
      28th of Jan, 2014
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    I have spent more wasted time trying to get the camera to work with my iPad my droid I have had since Christmas and cannot make it connect to any thing I have had enough of the gopro and I feel as if it is technical for me to work it I am going to loose money on the camera and I haven't seen one picture if it even took pictures fed up and bumed won't buy another gopro product again

  • Sw
      5th of Aug, 2014
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    When first purchased by GoPro Hero + Black connected to my iphone5c and ipad 3 no problems. The THE dreaded update! Since then cannot use WIFI. Have tried for days on end, update after update, email after email ( all telling me how busy they are etc etc ) and still no satisfaction. I have lost out of Sky Diving Gigs, Rally Gigs and GoPro just dont give a damned. Worse still I live in Asia and literally not one of the vendors or agents have a clue.


  • Go
      11th of Oct, 2014
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    Don't buy a Gopro if you expect good customer service after the sale. They will run you in circles and every time you call it's someone different and the best you can do is speak to some low level supervisor, who's only job is to tell you no to any requests including speaking to higher level manager with any authority

  • Ka
      11th of Oct, 2014
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    Yes, I had the same issues and when I contacted Go Pro, all they would offer was a 20% on another one. I asked them why would I buy another one when you will not warranty the old one. Pretty stupid to throw good money after bad.

  • To
      4th of Mar, 2015
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    My gopro 4 just got water logged from a faulty waterproof casing. Gopro not willing to replace and saying that i probably do not know how to use the case properly. Like its rocket science. VERY DISSAPOINTED and will be looking at other brands like Garmin for my next camera.

  • Jo
      22nd of Aug, 2015
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    I purchased the GoneAmature Hero, battery life very limited, Now dead and cannot be replaced because it's sealed. No help from GoneAmature people.

  • Th
      17th of Dec, 2015
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    my brand new gopro hero 3+ black edition NEVER been working since i received. Keep get in a stuck mode after press the start button and can not stop. the only way to power off is to remove the battery. It is very annoying when you are in the water. Have been exchanging 3 times and now cant even make a new setup. I begin to wonder if GoPro is good as they advertise. i am still waiting on my exchange and now claimed they had the wrong address that they had on file.

  • Br
      26th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I would never order from this company again!! They mailed my order to the wrong address. Then they told me they could not refund my money or place another order until the lost package was returned. I have spent more time on phone trying to straighten this out. You get different people all the time and they can't do anything for you. The last service person did not even put me on hold before she started complaining about me.

  • Se
      16th of Apr, 2016
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    Do Not Buy !!!

  • Le
      23rd of Jul, 2016
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    This emailed to GoPro support.. Still waiting for reply.. The after sales service is very poor and disgusting.. Should be ashamed... The management of this company is running it into the ground with not looking after the people who have made them.. The customer!!!
    To Whom it may concern,
    Following my lengthy phone discussion today with Kate from customer support regarding "faulty dive housing" resulting in complete camera failure, I'm sending you photos that you requested.

    Yesterday I purchased a Dive Housing from one of your official agents here in Waikiki Hawaii, The first time I went to use it today, the housing has leaked and now has completely damaged my camera and memory card holding all our photos of our holiday.
    As discussed, I believe the product that was sold to me to be faulty and I'm now requesting that you replace my Dive Housing and my camera that was damaged due to this faulty GoPro product.
    This should be a non issue to a reputable company such as yours and rectified and replaced in good faith. I find it very disappointing that so far you have acknowledged possible fault but not offered any suitable compensation to reimburse me for losses that your faulty product has caused to my own personal equipment.
    I find the 40% discount as compensation to replace damage caused by your faulty product not acceptable.

    In summary, As the goods sold to me are defective, by law, it is your responsibility to replace the defective and damaged products it has caused.

    I await your reply by return with this matter.

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