Goodhousekeeping Magazine, Hearst Communications, Inc.january 2019 issue "your favorite first ladies" poll.

Good Housekeeping Magazine
January 2019 issue "Your Favorite First Ladies" Poll.

Is this a joke???

Do your readers really think Melania Trump should be listed as the sixth most admired First Lady or is this a political scam?

Does Hearst Communications, Inc. condone this type of misinformation?

I don't believe it! I think your "Poll" is a sham!

I grew up believing that Good Housekeeping was on the "up and up", and could be trusted to give honest information to your readers. I no longer think that this is true!

You really expect me to believe this poll is the truth? That the majority of your readers think that Melania Trump is a better "First Lady" than Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Betty Ford or Rosalynn Carter?

I believe that this is really a case of pandering to the current administration. Free political advertising.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NY The magazine staff who put this together should be ashamed!

Melania Trump's only claim to fame is plagiarizing Michelle Obama and repeating the many proven lies that the 'Donald' has told! Even "Her anti-bulling campaign" rings shallow when her husband is the one of the worst offenders.

He frequently uses Twitter to belittle people of proven honor and integrity, critics and rivals. Melania Trump has no concept of what she is saying and only reads the scripts supplied to her.

I now believe that your magazine is no more truthful than the "Gossip Rags" on the rack in the supermarket! It's time your magazine takes a hard look at itself and decided to tell the truth based on facts.

I believe that over two thirds of the country will agree with me when I say Melania Trump should have never been included with, or compared to, the other First Ladies on the list! She in no way measures up to any of them.

I will no longer put any faith in the Goodhousekeeping Seal of Approval! It appears that money and power corrupts even GH!

Disgusted and disillusioned,

J.E. Sandzik

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Dec 10, 2018

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