Golden Arrow Bus Services / state of buses

Cape Town, South Africa

Good Day,

Trust that you are well.

I have been taking the 7:05 bus from Mfuleni to Cape Town for over a year now.

For the past week it has been arriving later than usual and there has been a change in the driver, usually it is a female driving. I don't really have a problem with this as i know traffic has been hectic.

Everyday the 07:05 bus is a very old bus. I admire the female driver because she always gets us to work safely in what looks like a death trap. The breaks sound faulty, the bus reeks of oil and diesel and its just not safe. She doesnt always have the same bus everyday but its always an old bus that looks likes its not safe for commuters.

I am fed up and so are the customers and we dont have a choice but to get on the bus.

In the week there was incident in which the bus we were in misted up so bad that the driver said he could not see the road! and the rain was falling through windows.

We have asked the driver why she is always being given the old buses.

I would appreciate it if this is looked into. In my opinion these old buses should not even be on the road because it would not pass a roadworthy test. It is putting the passengers on the bus at risk and the commuters on the road.

Your feedback will be appreciated.

Jun 20, 2017

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