Golden Arrow Bus Services / poor service and victimization

Western cape, ZA

Been using this service for over 6 years now. I boarded the bus 4386 going through sacks circle this morning of 24 nov at 06: 17 opposite caltex situated in the Airport industrial area. The second i got on, this elderly male driver looked at me and shouted "what you want"?. I passed my money to him and said bellville thx. He paused for a while and looked at me like i was a piece of trash. I then asked him what the problem was and he shouted in a rude aggressive manner "where to"?. I then said bellville again. It became obvious that This man didnt want to help me as he slammed the ticket and the change on the counter. I kept quiet as such petty things are minor to me. What made me write this complaint was the fact that the driver pulls away and brakes at questionable speeds. He drives off without giving people enough time to board the bus litterally. He sees and hears these individuals trying to board the bus but he still pulls off. I myself saw how one guy tried to board and right before he stepped onto the step the driver closed the door in his face.. He takes turns so fast that some of the people standing end up on the laps of the sitting.

Nov 23, 2017

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