Golden Arrow Bus Services / driver had an unacceptable attitude

Mitchells plain to Cape town, South Africa

The bus driver of the bus with a number plate of CA-472-202. He drove the 16:00 City via Rocklands route. I got in the bus at about 16:15. I only had a fasten R100 on me so paid with that seeing that the fare is R28. He refused to let me in because he doesn't have change. On the terms and conditions board in every bus it states that if the driver does not have the correct change for the passenger the driver will issue a note with the outstanding amount on the back and then it is the drivers responsibility to, before the passenger gets off, make a plan to get the correct amount and issue it to the passenger. It is the drivers responsibility not the passenger and yesterday the driver first didn't want to let me in. He argued with me first and gave me a bad attitude then afterwards said I should go straight to town to get change. Why should I go to town when he should make a plan before I get off which is in Mowbrey? So I have to waste more money to please the driver? That's not on. Instead when I got off he had the change. But first had a problem and wasted almost 10 of my minutes and 10 minutes of the other people in the busses time. This is totally unacceptable. Please follow up.

Apr 22, 2015

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