Golden Arrow Bus Services / they just stop when they feel like it, drop off passengers anywhere, on corners, on the descent of a bridge

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I to have now had enough of Golden Arrow bus drivers... they have become worse than the taxi drivers as they feel safe in a bus and protected by the cage they sit in... On way to many occasions now I have witnessed poor driving by Golden Arrow bus drivers, and it needs to be seriously addressed by the authorities. It seems to me that nobody is doing anything about this and they are free to do as they please... They just stop when they feel like it, drop off passengers anywhere, on corners, on the descent of a bridge, cut through residential areas to take short cuts, weave in and out of traffic, go through stop streets, red robots... etc, etc... the list goes on and on... I almost went under the back of a bus one morning as I came over the bridge by Wetton station. The bus driver just decided to stop on the down side of the bridge to let off passengers.

Also one morning on Lansdowne road a bus just came through the stop street right in front of me although he saw me coming... If my car did not have ABS I would have gone into the side of him. I am going to start filming them and hand the footage over to the Traffic department...!!!

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      Apr 22, 2015

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