GoGroopie / tepee voucher for 2 nights holly bush

Hay on wye, United Kingdom

Got voucher off this site for 2 nights at holly bush to stay in hay on Wye.
We lost the money, as the site not fit for anyone to stay. The site was filthy, tepees didn't fasten correctly and everywhere covered in mildew, not being fussy, but very upset, we had to stay in bed and breakfast, it was awful. It's important to vet these places as it was a hazard in every way. We are campers, the facilities toilets etc distance from tepees but not fit really to use. An awful experience, I was in tears as it was so bad, it was like going into a tip, no one else was there ex cept Duke Edinburgh award chap and student s they had own tents, they said they wouldn't stop inside tepeee either awful.. smelly, dirty, unsafe... Disappointed!
BBernadette McGuire

Jun 26, 2017

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