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gucci, hermes, john hardy & more sale no #[protected]

This order was not dispatched till after the last arrival date, even after I made contact regarding concerns it will not arrive in time and requested a refund that was offered due to product not being available.
The customer service is terrible with lengthy time before replies and with generic replies used.
Nothing about this experience has been positive.
I had my money taken for a product that they did not have. The product has not arrived still and I have not received a refund all I have is excuses.
This is not ok this is fraudulent activity.

complaining about

Hi I would appreciate if I stopped receiving the dumb generic responses to products you have not delivered. I have asked for a refund or a complaint ombudsman phone number on a few occasions and have not been provided with a response to either.

Your team investing an enquiry seems to be the generic response, however I am not asking for any investigation. I just want a refund.

ordered a jersey in july

I ordered a jersey in july #5109222 i have emailed several times asking where my item is only to be ignored and when i do get a reply its the same generic answer please give us time to investigate, its now almost november and still no progress has been made.

I just want a refund even that request had fallen on deaf ears.

Oz sale you have had since the beginning of august to investigate where my order is, this is not good enough.

order not received for 3 months since payment

Despite many attempts to contact Ozsale, I kept receiving the same promise that they will follow up but nothing has been done to date.
I requested a refund and they ignored me. I am very angry and will consider legal action if this matter is not resolved in the next few weeks. I don't want their god damn items anymore, just give me back my money.
I'll report this to Consumer Affairs if I don't receive a firm action from them by next week. A proper business will have refunded the money to the customer by now. It's been 3 months. They have behaved like a fraud.



609201 I made an order with ozsale as I have done many times before from my account of september 8 2019. On October 3rd 2019 i recieved a notification my order had been submitted when I...

unauthorised payment

I have been charged an amount on my credit card of $18.00 on the 11th September and I have no idea what it is for. I have searched on my internet history and did not even visit the ozsale website on this day or the previous day. My ozsale account also shows no purchase made for this amount so I am very confused as to why this amount has been taken from my credit card

you charged me for an order I never placed

I had an email last Sunday from Pay Pal saying you had taken $18 from my Pay Pal Account. Despite numerous emails via your contact us page you have totally refused to respond. I have not placed an order with Oz Sales for well over 6 months. You have fraudulently invoiced my Pay Pal Account. Even Pay Pal has contacted your company by e mail stating they wanted my $18 refunded to my Pay Pal Account. I have tried phoning you but obviously your number is wrong as it just drops out. I am now advising you if you have no idea responded to me by phone [protected] or email [protected] by 5pm today I will be going to Fair Trading and seeing you
W Trezise
13/2 Cameron Street
East Cranbourne vic

false advertised delivery dates

OZSALE continue to promise delivery dates that cannot be met by their selected courier company. Items are purchased and paid for in good faith that they will be delivered within the time frame given. I have contacted the courier company and their policy for delivery time frames is not what OZSALE advertises.
This is false and misleading advertising to consumers that on many occasions purchase items based on the delivery dates.
The resolution is for OZSALE to either find another courier company that will honour their promised delivery dates OR advertise correct delivery dates according to the courier companies delivery service policy.

denim pants dark green

I bought this item knowing that the sizing would be the same as I would receive it. When I bought it, it says large size.However when I received it, the sizing is completely different.It says size 28! No mention for large. This size is too small for me.
Now when I want to return it, why do I need to bear the cost of shipping when in fact it is not my fault in the first place. Its very frustrating because its been third time that the sizing is inaccurate.
Pls do something about it otherwise we will no longer shop on your website.

denim pants dark green
denim pants dark green

Not receiving my order

I ordered on the 22/07/2019 and haven't received my order. I have contacted ozsale and I keep getting the same reply that it's in the process of being dispatched as we speak. I've asked for a refund as I'm sick of waiting for it as I've paid for it and nothing. It's been over a month and I'm being scammed.
Order number [protected]
Invoice number [protected]

Not receiving my order
Not receiving my order
Not receiving my order

mako order [protected]

609201 i have pleaded and pleaded for a refund x was ordered back 19 july stock arrived 22 july and still not sent ! it was for a holiday which is now over ! they offered refund due to...

cancelled waiting refunds

I had made Multiple Orders several arrived ok but then I received a partial order that the satchel inside of box had been cut open and my ring had been stolen I rang company and proceeded to cancel all other orders they said that some was still coming through so I told them would refuse the Courier to accept any further items its been well over a month and I still have not got anywhere on the phone or emails I have even been hung up upon from call centre I want to refunded in full they have there stock back from post office so I don't see why this has not been rectified immediately it looks like they're just hoping that customers are going to forget about their refund but we're not stupid.


I received an email today from Australia post saying my parcel was delivered this morning. We were all home so checking with Aust post with your tracking no
4SU0345626 they said there was no such tracking no. Checking my order tracking no was 4SU03456010829. They checked & said that order was delivered July 31st.Could you please check the order no & tell me what the order was for please as I'm waiting for stuff from you
Julie Maguire
7/25 Stevens St
Yandina qld 4561
Thankyou I had to put something incatergart so Ive just put books cant remember what was in this parcel

  • Updated by Julie maguire · Aug 13, 2019

    Please answer my complaint thanks

money back

609201 On Saturday, August 10, 2019 I made a purchase using Ourpay, but I realised this store charged me the full amount. I always I have been buying through Ourpay and I paid in...

haven't received my purchase

Good afternoon l haven't received my order that l paid for on the 31 st of July Retailer: Ozsale Afterpay order number: [protected] Merchant order number: [protected] please contact...


i order a pandora bracelet and charm last 24 June 2019. And it states their that The estimated day of delivery is 15 of July 2019. It is already 27 of July and it's been almost 3 weeks I haven't receievd any updates regarding my order. I contacted OZsale they replied that if i want a full refund thery will give it to me. And i told them yes i want a full refund due to elapsed of time. After that they never contacted me again. I message them like 3 times but i got no reply at all. What will I do with this?

pandora the return policy with ozsale lawful?

I recently bought over $2000 using AfterPay from Ozsale for clothing, I returned some of them worthing $750, they received my returns and refund $750 to me with their company vouchers, I objected and discussed via email and over the phone with them, they claimed that this is their change of mind return policy, I mean this is ridiculously unfair to customers that they keep the stock and money, I get vouchers in returns when I am still repaying for my AfterPay instalment!?
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

oz sale ourpay

I have been trying to contact oz sale regarding their ourpay for 3 weeks now with no answer. I have funds in my account for 3 weeks ( i can supply a statement to prove this ). Every time a payment is due ( last 3 weeks) i recieve an email saying they were unable to take out funds. When i try pay manually i get the same error " unable to process funds from this account". The funds have been in there and im occuring late fees when its not my doing!!! It wont let me delete my card on oz sale so i can re enter it. I dont have another card. Ive used this card with oz sale ourpay for the last 2 years and never an issue. HELP. They are charging me late fees

oz sale ourpay


Hi there, I am waiting for items to be dispatched from Oz sale that were ordered weeks ago. No ones has contacted me in regards to when these items are likely to be...

unauthorised transaction

On the 25th May 2019 my credit card was charged with a $962.95 debit in the name of Ozsale NSW and I also noticed a pending for $1 from a different name. I did not authorise these...

ted baker sunglasses and wrist watch

I ordered a pair of sunglasses and wrist watch on 16th May 2019 and the estimated delivery date was 09th June 2019. After the delivery date passed I got I waited for 10 days to get any information from Ozsale but upon asking they said that the order has been dispatched on 10/06/2019. I will be able to track in two days but no tracking update after a week as well. I called customer care finally and a lady named Judy said that she have no clue where the parcel is they have to lodge the complaint and she was very rude. I have never had that sort of experience from a customer service person. Literally no phone etiquettes.
Next day I called again to know the whereabouts of my parcel she is so audaciously rude and not ready to listen anything . Telling me that we are doing what we can.
This is happening repeatedly when I place an order with Ozsale ..., this is probably fourth time that they have messed up my parcels and after using the money for two months they will give you refund.
I order things to get them not to get my money back after few months.
This is frustrating and stressing as this time I ordered for my parents and now they are nearly to go back home. And I am still trying to know where my parcel is.

product that is too small

I purchased Slazenger Cobalt Blue Neoprene Onepiece, according to the Slazenger manufacturer's size chart.

However, the onepiece was 3 sizes tooo small for me.

I want a refund on my item please.

I can be contact at [protected] or [protected] for copies of email proof of purchase.

I look forward to your response.


Maurissa Crosby

grey cardigan coat

I purchased two grey cardigans/coats 3xL instead I got the cardigans/coats in a 2 xl I ordered these 6-6-19order number [protected] / [protected] $19ea plus $9.95 delivery they don't fit they are lovely and warm the third item I ordered seems to fit ok but pretty sure that's not a size 5xL either like it has on the tag right tops wrong tags bad error not happy

grey cardigan coat
grey cardigan coat
grey cardigan coat

non delivery of item added to cart and paid for via afterpay order #[protected]

Added an item to my cart and processed payment through Afterpay, and the very next day, received an automated email from Ozsale's 'no reply' email specifically stating item was no longer available from the supplier...

This is despite your automated email response stating:

We source stock from thousands of different suppliers all around the world. We may already have the stock in our warehouse or we will purchase stock from our supplier after you've placed your order;.

THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. Allowing customers to purchase stock, which in fact does not exist.

Meantime they claim to have processed my refund, still no $$ in my account. Contacted Afterpay (who have already set up a schedule of payments I owe them) to say my order has been cancelled and they tell me ...
'once an order is approved, we have no ability to amend or adjust the order details' and
'in the meantime your afterpay repayment plan remains in place'.

This is very concerning for an item valued at over $600!!

All attempts to contact Ozsale proved futile. No answer on FB, constantly engaged phone number, when I finally received a call back I am told they are unable to contact the supplier or give me the supplier's details to enable me to order another item (probably because they miss out on the commission). So I asked the very rude consultant to escalate my complaint, and was assured someone would call me back... but... crickets (no phone call).

Now I am in the frustrating position of trying to get my money back and NEVER EVER DEAL WITH OZSALE AGAIN.

Your customer service standards are non existent.

jumpers x2

I ordered 2 knitted jumpers off you and the are cheap and nasty
The hearts have been sewn on and they look like a 5 yr old had seen them
The other one with the zipper is navy blue and it looks black in the picture
They both are cheap knits
I'm not happy with them at all
Can someone contact me please
I'm a very unhappy customer not worth it at all

jumpers x2
jumpers x2
jumpers x2

i’m complaining for not receiving my product.

I purchased a pair of glasses under the order number [protected] and I paid $165. The order track showed that my glasses were at the warehouse at the beginning of May 2019 with delivery to me by 22nd of May. However, my glasses were never dispatched to my address and the order track clearly shows that my glasses haven't dispatched, even thought, they were at the warehouse. Furthermore, I questioned it by putting a message twice at the contact site of ozsales and I received no reply. Hence, it makes me believe that something suspicious is happening at that warehouse; maybe one of your staff members stole my glasses. In case that my glasses are no longer available for dispatch, I'd like a full refund of $165.


I have been trying to purchase an item for 3 days now and it isnt letting me buy it, it continuously says available then doesnt let me add it to the cart. I have also contacted customer service twice and no one is getting back to me, I expect a prompt response asap as it's false advertising if I cant purchase this item. Please manually put the purchase through for me and have it delivered


my order of clothes not received

I ordered 4 items all women clothes about 3 weeks now, thought that when you confirmed your order and payment they will sent you the receipt in my email address but when I opened my email nothing there to support that the order have been paid. I am not registered in your company. I usually used my face book account to open ozsale. This have been my third shopping in ozsale and not encountered any problem. They delivered within a week but this time it took ages. I wonder what happen? My name is Luzviminda Robertson. Will you check please?


As per my order [protected] the original delivery date was 21st march. I contacted you and you said on 19th mar it would take another 7 - 10 days. However as per your email on 25/03, you said another 7-10 days. 1) this delay is not acceptable. The item was purchased for my daughter for her first eucharist. Now we don't have a dress for her use. We are very upset. Which means it will arrive in mid april when we are away on holiday.
2) please note I am away from 31st mar to 5th may. Hence we wont be here to collect the item.
3) we also wont need the item as the occasion is on 21st april and we are away.
4) we will return the item when we get back from holiday.
5) I will expect a full refund! And also oz sale will have to pay for postage.

I spoke to julie at your contact centre on 28/03. Please see contact us number 4830866. Julie assured me the order will be cancelled. But today is shows dispatched. I am not in the country! I dont want the dress anymore...

I have sent a feed back form but no one has called me back
Best wishes

I haven't received 2 items dated finalized 9th february. what do I do to follow them up.

On the 8th of December i put in 2 orders, order numbers [protected] and [protected]. What was in stock i received but product codes [protected] and [protected] were on back order and weren't despatched till February 7th but i never received anything. Can you tell me the whereabouts of these 2 products. Thankyou.

Your immediate attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't received 2 items dated finalized 9th february. what do I do to follow them up.
I haven't received 2 items dated finalized 9th february. what do I do to follow them up.

no response from customer service after 6 days

Hi there, I have ordered 2 items (shoes) from which were estimated to delivery before Christmas (order number: [protected]). However I noticed that the order statu...

iphone 6 plus

I paid for a new iphone 6 plus on 7/6/2018. This phone did not turn up until late July. Phone was sluggish and slow from the start - after 2-3 months started dying all the time...

I didn't receive the goods and refunds

The delivery man delivered my orders, but we had no one at home! He said he placed in safe place, however I could not find! I tried so many times to contact to your staff, but...

jewelry advertised and ordered as per the items shown are misrepresented.

On (3) separate occasions jewelry that I have ordered has presented as cheap rubbish and in reality is not as good as CHEAP rubbish as often seen at week-end markets. This company should be legally investigated for its misconduct.After numerous enquiries re a ladies watch I ordered many months ago apparently went back to the U.S. and there was NEVER any proof of it being delivered in the first place. Enquiries to OZsale NEVER have realised into anything. Jewelry items advertised under so-called 'brand names' arrive in bits of plastic with no brand nor description of the metal or stone as advertised. ALL of it would only fit a child and indeed, I would throw away rather than give any of it to any child. When deliveries are made they come in a lined brown envelope with absolutely NO INVOICE or proof of order. I have spent hundreds of dollars with this organisation but, NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Lm
    LmNel Jan 24, 2019

    I am also having the same issue with two orders of Jewellery. The items are definitely not gold and silver as described, (in fact most are plastic) and one of the claps on a bracelet is even sealed shut with silver paint. After over a month of trying to make contact, I have had nothing but the run around from these guys and no real response. Finally they agreed to a refund but only refunded one item, and then said it was because I had made contact too many times and had created confusion! Are you kidding OzSale? Do yourself a favour and do not purchase anything from these guys. The products are not as advertised and pictured and some of the items I paid for did not turn up. There is zero customer service and follow up is nothing but a run around. I have just managed to finally find a phone number and spoke to a 'Manager' Lovina who advised that people only leave bad reviews because they can't follow instructions! Great deflection skills. These guys should not be in business, care factor zero.

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  • Li
    Little Creek Equine May 20, 2019

    Yep, same here, the "rose gold" I ordered was cheap rubbish and I have only got half of my refund and no response to y enquiry either.

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go skitz scooter

609201 The sale stated a free Go Skitz helmet (valued at $49.99)and the item arrived without one. When I enquired about the helmet they did reply and stated the sale did not include a...

non delivery by date

I ordered and paid for a fitness bike it was a 48 hour sale that was on 19/10/2018 ozsale stated that bike would be delivered by 26/10/2018 requested refund was told that they...

online shopping

They use drop shipping companies and they don't even have stock of the items they make you pay for! My candle came back broken in pieces and my Valentino bag was a lost order...


Hy, I return one order more than one month and they receive my order on 6 September. They told me they going to proceed with refund one month a go and I still didn't get...

beats headphones

I have waited patiently for my return of the money for damaged goods enough is enough it's been nearly 5months they were damaged when I received them one side of them was no sound...

thomas earnshaw watch

609201 Most of my sales I have made through Ozsale I have generally had a problem with, probably 4 times now. I have purchased a watch from Ozsale, that is not working. This is the...