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Good day!
I would like to file a formal complaint to a very poor customer service of globetelecom. Who handles support for gcashaccount.
First time I call 2882 was last May 11 2018. to verify if its possible to unlink a phone no. to gcashmastercard and link to the new phone no. At first the transaction was smooth the first rep give me a reference no.[protected] with TAT of 3-4 days.. So I waited for the said tat. after that I called back again and ask for an update the 2nd rep stated that there is no responds yet from their support she will follow up it since it was already due to the TAT. I said i'll call back again for an update.. And here goes my agony started today is June 1 2018, its been 21 days since the day I first call but there is no resolution yet. In total I spoke to 10 representative including two supervisor. I will not post their names but I will forward it if needed. They give me two reference no. [protected]/[protected]. base on my experience I can say that the customer service is very poor. They give me false info. not accurate info. not meeting the tat time given, providing 2 ref no since the first one was not processed due to wrong templates, giving assurance that my card will be link today bcoz there was only a delay due to system issues but when I confirm it to a supervisor there is no system issue during that time, other rep give me steps to call *143# and follow the steps to link my card which she knows very well that it cannot be link coz it was not yet unlink to the previous no. which simply means that they don't know what they are doing. And they do all thier means to finish the call faster and escape the issue. Other rep said I need to verify all my gcashacct in order to proceed the linking proccess. How come I need to verify again? when I know that my account was fully verified and has done the KYC process. My gcashmastercard was activated a year ago. it was happend that the simcard associated with the phone no was lost, so I decided to link it to the other phone no I have which is GCASH verified already. Even I know that my GCASHacct was fully verified, still I follow the steps I go online to proceess verification, and the rep from verification team under messenger replies that the acct is already verified.. The rep of globe is making fool of me. I called back again ang the rep said she will resubmit the report and again giving me another TAT and theres nothing they can do with my account. A supervisor also said that he will give me a call back on monday morning since they donot have support during weekends, but then no one calls me. I ask firmly if its possible to Link the masterrd to the new no. and they said yes. but its already 21days and nothings happen.. I know how to follow the rules and acept the TAT provided while they are proccessing my request. but giving me false info is not good. everytime I call I wait patiently for the que 20mins before a rep can answer, after that they will only give me false hope and infos, or even put me on hold again becoz they dont know what they are doing. Im a subscriber since 2000 my family also uses globe but this situation is a mess. even a supervisor dont know what they are doing. Im not rude im just upset. later today im will call back again and for sure will experiencing the same process. I hope you will keep in touch with me and help resolve this matter.

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    Good day!
    I never recieve email, or callback even if they said to call back. This issue is not resolve yet. I called erlier today but theres no update with the process. I request to talk to a supervisor but an agent said shes still engage with a call, and that she will call me back. but until now i never reciece a callback.

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    Why its tag as RESOLVED even if its not yet resolved???

May 31, 2018

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