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Too many experiences to tell about this company's customer service.

Before you get any wrong ideas, no, I am not an employee of a rival company. I am just an ordinary consumer, hoping to receive the services I demand for.

1) Rude customer service person at the Ayala Triangle branch.

This was a long time ago when I requested to have my mobile phone line on International Roaming. Let's just say she was having a bad day. Too bad for her, my day was worse than hers. So I quickly made a phone call to their hotline, name-dropped a bit, and lo and behold, they put me on perpetual roaming AFTER my complaint.

2) After making three (3) attempts at applying for an internet connection through their hotline, I still have no word as to when they will install it.

I've given up. So tomorrow, I'll just call up the rival company, PLDT. Hopefully, these guys offer better services (fingers crossed).

3) There is absolutely no provision in their billing statement for a change in address.

Come on, Globe. You are an Ayala company --- you can do better than that! Show some brains, please.

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  • Fr
      Jun 27, 2010

    I completely agree. Have been in Philippines for more than three years and I took Globe broadband a month back when I moved to Eastwood City and I am totally frustrated.
    1. Numerous complaints have resulted in their "Engineer" coming home to check the lines and at the end of it saying "I will report to "Technical" department as I cant do anything".
    2. Finally I got upset after the third such incident and wanted to speak to their manager on the Globe Hotline but was told that it was not possible and the representative Jennifer Flower was fully aware of my case for last one month but could not give any definite time when this would be resolved.
    3. It is not only the poor service but also the poor responses which frustrate you

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  • Yu
      Aug 19, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    I am a first time customer in Globe Lines, yet I am already met with disappointments and frustrations. It was only recently that I applied for their phone/internet bundle, and in fairness, the installation was fast. But the problem is that, our landline cannot receive incoming calls from PLDT and Bayantel, and other telecom lines other than Globe, while they made it clear upon my queries that Globelines receives calls from other lines. I complained several times about this, but their PURELY INCOMPETENT people from customer service team just kept giving me job orders (and they have no record of job orders previously issued to me concerning the same problem!!). I requested for a change in phone number, since it was discovered that it is an interconnection problem, and they have already forwarded this matter to the concerned department, but they are throwing the matter to the repairmen, which in turn, said to us that they are not in charge of changing the phones, then throw the matter back to the departed in charge if assigning phone numbers. And so the vicious cycle continues like that, with the problem still unresolved up to this time. GLOBE IS CLEARLY MAKING A FOOL OUT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!!! Just as long as they are customers who kept paying their bill every month, they no longer care about their problems, like poor internet connection, erratic phonelines, etc. It is CLEAR that all they care about is PROFIT and not CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


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  • Yu
      Aug 19, 2010

    To add to that, I told them that I will complain their lack of action to NTC, and now I think they're blocking my access to NTC because I cannot open the page. GAG ORDER, I presume?

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  • Pe
      Oct 02, 2010

    This is enough for me...16 years customer and they let me in the dark for 10 days. Called 188 six times, they let you wait and wait and wait and nothing happens! My very slow agents insisted the problem was with my phone. Drop calls and hard to connect and worse: when calling someone they will answer and they can hear me but i cant hear them... Short, it was a problem with a repeater and it was addressed after 10 days only. I emailed and called but so far nobody can give me any assurance that this will not happen again, i mean not the technical failure (happens also in our businesses) but the lousy treatment and unpro approach. Shame on you Ayala, i will never even consider the purchase of even a condo with you.

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  • Ma
      Dec 13, 2010

    Globe has charged me P 2, 400 plus last month for alleged internet usage on my cellphone, which I did not use. After appealing to them, they waived the charges. This month they charged me again, for this month's alleged usage, but I still haven't used the Internet on my cellphone. Now they are insisting that I pay. I can prove that I didn't use the Internet on my cellphone, but they won't listen. This is unfair! I'm not the only one who has been having this problem.

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  • Ja
      Dec 24, 2010

    It is simply impossible not to be upset when you left your iPhone 3GS for checking in September 2010 and not get any useful feedback after more than 30 calls to their useless hotline!
    1. They cannot tell when the replacement will come bec iPhone is out of stock? Yet if you get a new subscription they have a phone available?
    2. They promise you 30x that they will call you but they don't
    3. They promise that the phone will be available on x date twice and twice you stupidly go to their hub only to be told that the replacement phone has not arrived. Are they flying it in from the north pole? And by the way, it's your fault for coming over without calling when the number they gave you is a fax number???
    And again 4 months later - no phone and no calls for updates
    Such a disrespectful way to treat a customer who you also overcharged for Internet access this month of php5, 000.
    Such a disrespectful company with disrespectful employees.

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  • Ua
      Jan 03, 2011

    I have same issue with Globe. I purchased a prepaid kit online, paid by credit card, contact their customer service what to do next, told to go to the nearest Globe store in my province but was told that there is no order from their Manila office. I call the customer service so many times, send them email and chat with them thru their website and they cant give a definite answer as to the status. I ask for the sales team number so I can contact them direct, was told by the customer service I chatted online that they have no access to their sales team number, can you believe that? I send an email asking for a direct line to contact, I was given a +63 number saying that calling overseas will be free. How can a +63 free? And they are claiming they are the number one provider? All a bunch of crap!!!

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  • Ma
      Jan 13, 2011

    wait till i tell all of you what happend to me, they billed me a whooping 138, 300 pesoses for per kbps internet browsing.

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  • Je
      Jan 25, 2011

    Globe Telecom's customer services have deteriorated a lot. You will notice this when you call up their hotline 211 or 7301000. Its difficult to get thru these days. Chances are a lot of people are calling up to complain.
    When you get thru, you get a feeling that the customer reps you are talking to are not of the same quality as in previous years, probably Globe has been employing or outsourcing to a third party. I guess there is nothing wrong with this, as outsourcing might be cheaper than having their own people handle the complaints.
    However, with this set up they have totally isolated themselves from their customers' sentiments and needs. Or they are just bullish that even though with their so so performance, their customers would still stay with them.
    Case in point. Imagine having been with them technically for 5 years (11 years if I didn't cut off my original line and got new lines) with two lines outside of contract, with the competition going on, you would think that they would want to get you recontracted for another two years.
    I contacted them I would be willing to recontract with them for another 2 years and willling to cashout for a Samsung Galaxy S i9000. I was told that though this phone is under their lineup, they are not currently available for whatever reason and are offering some cheaper phones as of the moment. Two weeks have gone by, still no phone. Like this phone is that hotcake that they can't get any from their supplier nor can just use their inventory under new line subscription. Anyway, when you asked their centers its obvious that they have more than they need there being they are still available.

    You get a feeling that however that Globe is trying to play you here:
    a. If you are really gaga over the phone, you might as well get a new line but pay for a higher price for the said phone under new line subscription. Under new line subscriptions, that particular phone are always well stocked, but loyalty doesn't have any available.

    b. If you need your old number and don't want to change it, perhaps they are hoping that you just avail of the rebate since monetary wise they don't have to shell out for the rebate unlike when you ask for a phone and they have to pay their phone supplier.

    c. Or you just wait for a month or two or three; that way when you get the phone you actually might not realize that you were held up for more than twenty four months due to "waiting for phone availability."

    I hope this is not true.

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  • Rh
      Mar 10, 2011

    recently we are applying globe landline and internet for our company here in cebu and we are so disappointed with their service. they always make promises that they will install it quickly but they don't give action. their contractor asking money for wiring because he said there is no free wiring for commercial building so we give money to the contractor hoping to install it on that day because we really need the landline and internet but he cant show the wires that we we pay still we can't connect to the internet and we cant make outside cebu calls..if you can't make action until march 11 we are going to cancel the connection and transfer to PLDT..

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  • Me
      Mar 29, 2011

    globe wimax is my a first time user of globe wimax i experiences bad signal...every time i need to research i always surprised i have no network because of so desapointed of their a week it only works twice or once...the payment for this wimax is useless because of their service...

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  • Fr
      Apr 15, 2011

    @ Jeff71 I agree.. i feel like they are not paying attention to their existing customer and yet they wanted to get new sbuscribers... anyway.. they first offered me an Ipod 160 gb or a washing machine.. and worst ... the vaccum cleaner... WTF right... i'm not really happy with their service now.. i'm on my 6th yr with globe but i have to say goodbye to them on june.. they suck big time...

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  • Pe
      Apr 21, 2011

    I also have a harrowing experience with Globe DSL. The connection was recently installed Apr 15 and barely 24 hours past the connection was unavailable. Im a TSR from Dell so I TS my connection and it is the connection from Globe itself. my neighbor who has the same kind of service installed the same day doesnt have any issue.Iwaited for a day to pass to call them thinking that it might be a glitch. The connection did not return. Called their Customer service and the first time I contacted they said their system is down and to call back after 15 min. I called back after an hour and the tech again told me to call back the next day. So called back the Next day. The tech said that they cannot trace my connection because I still dont have an account from them, so the tech said that she will escalate this issue so that some one will be calling me the next 24 - 48 hours. Unfortunately I manage to lose the Service Number she provided. Still I waited for someone to call back and not surprising nobody called. I called them again and their stupid system cannot trace my call under my name so they set a new service request once more, and againm to wait for someone to check my connections, She even said that they will be sending a technician over, well today is the 22nd of April and theres not even a shadow of any Globe personnel appeared. Its frustrating because I am a new customer and their service gave out after barely a day. Their service really stinks

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  • Ex
      Apr 30, 2011

    The problem with this notice board is that it assumes that Globe Telecom management are concerned about how the customer is left feeling. Obviously they are not and are embracing a philosophy that says that there are enough new subscribers "out there" not to have to worry about providing their contracted service. We must vote with our feet. I'm off to PLDT.
    Interestingly, I once worked for a respected international company who, for a while adopted this same philosophy. It took several years for the company to lose its reputation and customers ... and several DECADES of excess spending to get them back. So be it.

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  • Hi
      May 26, 2011

    ONLY 1 out of 6 technical support reps was able to help me regarding my problem. I lost my internet connection 2 days ago today is my 3rd day the first time I called them they did troubleshoot my modem. They told me to do this and that, followed everything rep told me to wait an hour everything will be fine, after an hour nothing happened I called them again twice that day the 2nd day they just did the same thing and then the 3rd day I called again got a rep who just filed a report regarding my issue she said their technician will go to our house by may 30th today is the 26th that means I need to wait 4 days more my bill just came it this morning I feel like dumping Globe the time she told me to wait until the 30th. After 15 mins I tried one last time to call them luckily I had this Guy named Ricky Falud, Emp # : 77337 (I got his emp # because Im really glad he was able to help me) he was the only rep who asked to authenticate my sister's acount by the billing address, birthday etc. (of course just to make sure he's talking to the account owner before he give any info; Im working as a Sales Specialst for Sprint a US telecommunications company and for them authenticating the customer's account is really impt, 2x in a month you missed doing it, you're out!) Ricky did the same thing but he was the only one who asked me if I know the username & PW on my modem interface account, I said 'Yes, I asked the other rep about it she told me my username is this and my PW is my account number.' Ricky said 'No sir your PW is different let me reset your PW and use your account number as your PW. After he did that w/o placing me on hold he provided me the instructions after that with 2 days of headache talking to other reps doing the same thing, I got my net connection back! Ugh I was really happy about it at first I really knew there is no problem w/ the modem but anyway. Kudos to Ricky Falud! Keep up the good work! But for other TECH SUPPORT REPS I talked with, go back to training! :)

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  • Sp
      Jun 14, 2011

    Globe customer service should add this prefix before the word service -- "dis". Where do Globe source their employees? These guys sound like they're still in high school.

    There was one representative who argued with me when I told her that Globe Telecom's employees are largely comprised of idiots. She said, "I disagree sir. We are not that idiot." Needless to say, she just proved my point. When I was using a Blackberry, I called in and asked for assistance in configuring the device' network settings. After explaining to this man that I want him to run the settings by me over the phone, he said he got it and will create a case. I asked him, "Hold on. Why are you creating a case?"
    This CSR replied, "I am forwarding your request to swap your Blackberry for an iPhone, sir."

    What do you call him? An idiot, right?

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  • S2
      Jul 03, 2011


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  • S2
      Jul 03, 2011


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  • Na
      Jul 05, 2011

    Recently, my sim card was blocked, for no reason at all. It just appeared in my phone like "No service" and then I tried placing another sim card because I thought my phone is the one defective, but it turned out that my sim card was really blocked. S**t!
    Why does this telecom company do that?? what the heck...

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  • Ch
      Jul 06, 2011

    Globe Customer Service and any other department for that matter sucks!

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  • Ma
      Jul 06, 2011

    Other than the issues abovementioned, I believe that mine is the worst of all. When I decided to apply for a plan, the new accounts clerk told me that I have an overdue account amounting to P26k. She even told me that if I could not pay it, then I must provide an SPA. This means that my NAME was used FRAUDALENTLY. How come that GLOBE approved this without thorough verification? Aside from the similar First Name, MI, Surname, Birthday, SSS and TIN nos, other information like EMPLOYER, MIDDLE NAME, MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME were different but still, they seemed to treat me like a WANTED debtor. But still, out of my temper, I insisted them to conduct an investigation - BACOOR CAVITE BRANCH. Aside from this, I approached their HO, which requires me to submit a LETTER OF DENAIL against THAT FRAUDALENT account and LETTER OF COMPLAINT against BACOOR branch.
    If anyone of you may know of other actions that I should take, especially if any legal case may be filed against them, please let me know... Thanks.

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  • Mi
      Jul 15, 2011

    I've applied for a postpaid application to get an iPhone 4 on their Glorietta branch last april. Up to now, I didn't get any call whatsoever about the status of my application. So I tried to apply online ..2 months passed and I still don't have an iPhone. I've submitted all the requirements but I don't know if their customer service is stupid or lazy or both!! Is there something we can do to file a complaint against Globe customer service? They suck so bad

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  • Ro
      Jul 20, 2011

    Hi my globe tattoo prepaid usb stick cannot register to any other globe promo services because of the free125 internet hours that has not been renewed i have already used up all the internet hours and now when i am registering to supersurf it says i am already registered and the hard part about it right before i was using it just 3 days right when i was downloading a file the internet stopped and it says something that it's something like your globe tattoo has exceeded the amount of data downloaded and right about that i was stunned because when i texted BAL125 to 8888 it says i have like thousands of minutes remaining and when i downloaded a file it all stops and banishes i am just informing because there are tonnes of people having this problem and im one of them please solve my problem i need your service a lot I MEAN A LOT..
    please stop that dang service because my 225 peso load will expire this week by the way my globe tattoo prepaid number is [protected] THANK YOU IN ADVANCE GLOBE your service is muchly appreciated even though it has some technical issues i know its hard to provide us thank you.

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  • Me
      Jul 23, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I have a complaint my mobile # +[protected] there is every time i load and amount this message 2474 are charging me 10 pesos a day could stop this in your server this is unfair. my mobile i am using as a roaming while out the country.
    your immediate action is highly appreciated


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  • Co
      Jul 23, 2011

    Globe bobo tanga.

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  • Ti
      Aug 01, 2011

    I just went through globe's laborious phone option system and got passed like a ping pong ball 7x by their departments!!! worse, the last person who passed me to another department didn't even informed me that she's going to do so. then i told the last person that he's the the 8th attendant that i'm talking to, and suddenly he just hang up!

    all i'm asking was to have my Plan 1, 299 Superstick broadband activated as they promised within 24hrs from the time i registered. but its already 48 hrs and i still have no activation of my account. Globe asked for payment requirement for their broadband including an ADVANCED payment yet their service is so delayed and their attendants are so rude not to mention unbelievably dumb... and i though globe has the best customer service of all network providers.

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  • Pu
      Aug 05, 2011

    After sales services is really not good. I also tried their chat facility and it disconnects all the time and everytime to connect you have to repeat all the information again and again and again and no one will be able to help you...

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  • Bu
      Aug 15, 2011

    I'm a Wimax subscriber for more than a year now. The first time I encountered Internet issue was last July 22. The issue is still unresoved until now August 15.

    Their CSRs don't know squat about internet service. One even stole my MAC and Device ID for his own use. Their field techs don't even bother to check if the issue has been resolved. They kept closing the ticket as no trouble found so that Globe will recreate a job order and they do get paid per job. These field techs are subcontractors.

    To new subscribers, DO NOT GET ANY GLOBE DSL OR WIMAX SERVICE. It's unsecure, slow, and bad customer service. Trust me, I'm still in Globe hell now.

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  • Gl
      Oct 15, 2011

    Someone in Globe is selling numbers to entities who will drive you crazy by texting you with numerous cash loan offers! After so many years of receiving unsolicited offers from such spammers i decided to change both my globe postpaid numbers, then after a day of activation i received the same bank loan offer on both globe numbers... and who knows both my numbers? no one but Globe because i havent given out my number yet to anyone!

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  • Le
      Oct 17, 2011

    ooooooh Globe...sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I have to deal with these guys.

    After having the new DSL installed in my apartment at the beginning of the month, my "wonderfully reliable" globe service lasted (this may be a record) 15 days before completely dying out. Assistance from their tech support couldn't identify the problem and I was issued a job number for a site visit from their technician. The date given?? 7 days later!! I was shocked. Since I had just payed 500 pesos for their "professional installation" barely 2 weeks ago and my monthly bill is over 2000 pesos, this means a loss to me, the customer, of around 1000 pesos!!

    Now when I read the Globe contract when I signed up, I thought it was strange that there is a clause that states regardless of whether or not they provide the service they agree to (in a legally binding contract) the customer is required to pay I know why!! Basically what this means is you, the customer, are required to fulfill YOUR obligation to pay your bill in full and on time, but as a company they are not required to fulfill THEIR obligation of giving the services you're actually paying for.

    Now for anyone who doesn't think this is completely insane, let's apply this self-serving business logic to other industries:

    You're home watching the Azkals on TV when you get hungry and decide to order a pizza. The delivery man arrives and you pay him. After sitting down you discover that the delivery guy got hungry on his way to your house and ate part of your pizza. You call the company to explain that you never received the full product you payed for. They tell you "too bad, you have to pay full price. We're not obligated to sell you a WHOLE pizza, just SOME pizza...Whatever we decide is fair". Would you ever do business with that company again???

    Let's say you visit a car dealership, you find a car you like and you sit down to complete the paperwork. After paying the company you get in your new car and drive away. On your way home the car dies and you open the hood to discover they only provided SOME of the engine parts. You call the dealership to say "Hey man, I payed for a whole car!! What's the deal with only giving me SOME of an engine??"...How long do you think that company would last?

    When you consider Globe's policies and chronic "over promise, under deliver" in just about any other business model, it's laughable. I understand that there will always be issues that need to be repaired or improved, that's reasonable. But I don't think it's unreasonable for a customer to expect a company to respond to those issues in a timely manner.

    Here's a revolutionary thought: if your company has more complaints and service interruptions than you're capable of dealing with; hire more technicians. Better yet, focus on the upgrading of your infrastructure instead of trying to expand your customer base so quickly you can't meet demand.

    The funny thing is, the only reliable service I get from Globe is my bill delivery. Without fail, every month that enveloppe arrives requesting more money. Hmmmm...maybe Globe's slogan should be:

    "Globe- we excel at ASKING for money, not EARNING it." or
    "Globe- we guarantee that you will receive some of the service you paid for...sometimes"

    The only saving grace of this company as a whole for me is their customer service agents, at least the ones I've dealth with. I've always found them to be friendly and helpful. I can't imagine the stress of having to respond to sooooooooooooo many complaints about their poorly operated employer, and I always try to remember they usually aren't the cause of the mountain of problems that plague this company and treat them as such.

    That's the end of my rant :)

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  • Jt
      Oct 18, 2011

    I had raised a complaint regarding a very appalling experience at one of their services branch in Makati. This was in July. And on it is OCTOBER, NONE was done to compensate. They just care about the money the customers pay them and they do not offer a good customer service in return. I believe mobile services is not their product, it is customer service, the way they treat their customers MATTERS most than their product.

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  • Ye
      Oct 19, 2011

    Which is slower? Digitel DSL or Globe Wimax, ,

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  • Ta
      Nov 16, 2011

    my cellphone was prepaid i load 15 pesos . after minutes my load has deducted 10pesos by 2474 wap then i always recieve a massage to2474, that you do not have sufficient balance.and every time a load always automatically 2474 are deduct to my load.please help me i dont want change my sim please help me to disable a wap .my cellphone number# [protected] modell sgh 6256 asap

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  • Ta
      Nov 16, 2011

    my cellphone was prepaid i always load 15 pesos then the 2474 wap is always deducting my load 10pesos .and then a receive a massage to 2474 that i have credit balance .sufficient balance please help me to disable the wap. my cellphone #[protected] model samsum SGH-C258 old model

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  • Vi
      Nov 24, 2011

    GLOBE ph is undoubtedly the worst service provider in the world. No customer service and their phone customer service is a joke. You are kept on hold for hours only to have your issue unresolved. Have been trying to get my blackberry enterprise services restored for weeks but they just dont care. Will be shifting to SMART and will recommend all to stay away from Globe which personifies disservice.

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  • Vi
      Nov 24, 2011

    globe is the worst telecom service provider. Incompetent staff, with no technical knowledge man their phones and you are kept on hold for hours. Have been trying to get my blackberry enterprise services restored for past 3 weeks and they have no clue on how to fix it. Will be moving to SMART and recommend all to stay away from this incompetent service provider.

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  • Jo
      Dec 13, 2011

    I called up Globe customer service yesterday 12/12/11 to renew my plan under gflex 1200. I was informed that my current plan is no longer available and I need to either download my plan to 999 or upgrade to plan 1799. I insist to retain my plan 1200 and pay the remaining cost of iphone 4s but it was explained to me that this plan is no longer offered. Leaving no choice, I decided to upgrade my plan to 1799 (once I claim the iphone 4s by end of december).

    TODAY, 12/13/11 4:31PM, I received a text message from 2327 informing me...
    " iPhone 4S news: Be the first to get the new iphone 4S. You may get the iphone 4S 16GB BLACK free under your current plan of G-flex 1200. Upon confirmation, your account will be recontracted for 24 months + any remaining months in your contract. Note all iphone 4s plans need to have a minimum of P99 powersurf. Please text IPHONE4S YES then send to 2327 for FREE to confirm availment on or before 9:00 am tomorrow. December 14. "

    Called up customer service to confirm this message. But i was only informed that the plan 1200 is no longer available. We argued for about 30 mins and ended up the conversation with unresolved issues.

    How could GLOBE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN ... by sending messages to their subscribers that aren't correct? You are misleading your customers.

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  • Wa
      Dec 17, 2011

    i wanted to have detailed bill because i wanted to check if they are billing me correctly for the texts and internet use that i consumed (i just want to affirm that the number of texts and internet use are accurate to what they bill me). i called the csr last nov and said that they will send me a detailed invoice but until now they didnt provide me one. i called the today bec i didnt get any feedback or update and they told me that i have to submit subpoena from nbi, court order, letter of request, copy of valid id, pix and submit it to their legal dept. will all that hassle, they said that there is still no assurance that they will send me detailed invoices. such a big demand from a very small request . in the first place, i have the right to know the date and time of my text and internet and they are giving a lot of hassle for just knowing that

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  • Ki
      Feb 08, 2012

    You are all correct!!! Globe telecom has really a negative sales services especially after sales. Our school had a bundle plan with globe.We, the faculty members, got a laptop and plug in plan good for two years. Upon delivery, one modem was already defective. Three days after, my laptop upon installation of the OS had crashed.We complained to the sales representative but without action. We also visited the Globe office and complained about it. We told them we would return the unit since it was not in good condition. The sales rep just said that we can't return that. He said we should go to Davao Hp center for the laptop to be repaired.Our concern was because we transact only with Globe and not with Hp; therefore, Globe telecom must be the one to find ways to repair the unit.I have gone to their office many times but still they are not giving us appropriate action to our problem.Even the billing section has no proper coordination with the other department because they cannot even update their customers' problems and complaints.I think they lack proper coordination with teir other departments. They are really disgusting!!

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  • Pe
      Feb 16, 2012

    Our Wimax 4G is fine for off peak useage here in San Pablo Laguna, but during busy times it almost stops?
    We have moved from the Batangas area where the service slowed down at times but was useable. I appreciate that busy times will happen but not slow so much that emailing is impossible.
    What it means is that Globe are selling services to customers and not providing the "bandwidth" to accommodate them.
    So much for 4G 24/7 internet.
    Will need to change for a better supplier. Any offers?

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