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Sept. 22, 2013 when I decided to apply for an additional post paid plan at Globe Robinson's Place Manila. Mr. Espedido assisted me in my new application and asked an I.D. that will prove my identity but the said application was denied after assessment of my profile due to the broadband which is under my name with P8, 848.97 amount of credit of but already terminated. It is very clear to my knowledge that somebody used my identity. That information puzzled me because how did the staff of Globe approved the broadband application, knowingly that in their records it wasn't me because the information of that fraud person and me didn't matched. As soon as I found out that someone uses my name I submitted the other day an affidavit of denial but due to negligence Mr. Espedido lost it. I also submitted other pertinent documents like Xerox copy of NSO Marriage contract, letter of protest, DepEd ID. I believe that my identity was used by the insider because the license I.D. I submitted in my first application was used or it was a clear manifestation of an inside job. The status SINGLE, ADDRESS, and MOTHER MAIDEN NAME and SIGNATURE of this fraud person do not matched with my legal documents and the 3 affix signature under my license was not my signature because the letter "v" and "z" in my surname was too different from him.

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  • Zz
      6th of Aug, 2014

    I am also a victim of this kind of fraud... I applied for a postpaid plan with Globe Telecom just the other day and they called me today and said that they can't push through with my application because I have an outstanding balance with them. When they tried to verify my mothers maiden name they found out that it was different from what is on record. The thing about this is that, never in my lifetime did I get a postpaid plan, this should have been the first time. I think I would agree with the person who post this that this is an inside job either that or it's a total negligence with the approving body of this telecom company.

    I will be processing an Affidavit of Denial to correct this error. This is frustrating and very alarming.

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