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I ordered a couple of things from this website. I liked that they have a variety of cake decorating things, but when my order got processed, I noticed that the shipping cost is on the high side. I thought that my order will need to be packed in a bigger box. When my order arrived, it was a small Priority Mail box that cost about $4.80 to send. I was charged more than double! I called and asked if they will refund the rest of my money and they told me that it includes handling, shipping and packaging materials. Heck! they get this box free from the post office, why do they need to charge me with packing? I know that their price includes their mark up already, why do they have to mark up the shipping as well? I will never, ever, ever shop from this website again!

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  • Va
      Apr 01, 2011

    Counter to what the person posting this complaint states, I have had the best customer service experiences from Global Sugar Art. Best in their industry. I've ordered from similar sites all around the country but none have the selection, pricing, fast shipping, or outstanding customer service that I've found at Global Sugar Art. Shipping costs are always an issue on eCommerce sites so my guess is the person making this complaint is spoiled by the likes of the large retailers like Amazon. Global Sugar Art frequently runs free shipping specials that anyone can take advantage of should they choose to do so. If you need cake decorating supplies and the like, please do yourself a favor and don't go anywhere else but Global Sugar Art (

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  • Ch
      Dec 26, 2012

    Awful experiment shopping in Global sugar art!!!

    I ordered a couple of things from the website.
    I was told one item is out of stock When I received my parcel.
    I try to calculate the shipping fee of the rest items same as I'd ordered on the website.
    It's about $4 lower than the original order.
    I was overcharged, I asked if they will refund my money.
    But they are NOT willing to do so.
    I even don't get a reasonable explanation.
    It's nothing about $4 but the business honor of the company.
    I will never ever shop from GSA again!

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  • Se
      Oct 25, 2014

    I hated their sniffy replies on the emails. I never ever will shop them again. Their name is GLOBAL but actually they are not.

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  • Ct
      Jan 22, 2015

    I placed a recent order for some product to only find they advertised a 15% discount the very next day through their email promotions. I called their "customer service" department and spoke with Jamie asking if Global Sugar Art would honor the discount on my order (placed less than 24 hours prior) and was told they could not do anything for me. I even inquired if I could receive a 15% coupon for a future order - again I was told no. Jamie claimed to have even ran this past the General Manager who would not even honor the published discount. I will never shop with this company again. Maybe Global Sugar Art should spend more time on Customer Service training because they did NOTHING to retain me as a customer. In addition - I was also overcharged for shipping on my order.

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  • Di
      Apr 01, 2015

    I placed an order for some products. The next day they had the same products on sale with discounts. I called to tell them if they can do a price difference since it was just yesterday. They said that they do not do price difference for orders process. It is just thier policy. Like come on!! When you go to a store and buy something, the next day they had a huge sale and discount, you're saying stores cannot do the price difference? I think this is just plain cheating people of their hard earned money. DON'T SHOP IN THIS COMPANY. There are lots of other website and places where you can get items similar and cheaper. Like the other comments on about the shipping, these are no exaggeration... it is true they also try to rip you off with shipping. I wish I read this comments first before I ordered from them. I have cancelled my order because like the comment.. it is not the $4 or $5, its the principle that you know they are are ripping you off.

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  • Ru
      Apr 01, 2015

    Why not get a job so you can afford the shipping and handling prices, or better yet buy the product in store rather than online.

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  • Di
      Apr 01, 2015

    you are obviously a losser to have allowed people to ripped you off. I am sorry for you to have a job commenting on posts like this. you have a good day.

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