Gillece Services / Rip off

In 2010, Gillece dispatched Adam Carson to my home to unclog my sewer pipe. Adam alleged he was the best in the business at getting sewer pipes unclogged. He then pretended, for 20 minutes, to try and get the pipe unclogged before telling me, with feigned disappointment, that my house trap had to be replaced. He refused my requests for him to make further attempts to unclog the pipe, telling me that he was absolutely certain the trap was the problem. He even drew a sewer diagram as part of his sales pitch. Adam quoted me a cost of $10, 362 to replace the house trap and, with the skill of a practiced master, artfully worked into the conversation that Gillece offered financing. The next day, I had Cuccaro Plumbing to the house and their man, Daryl, unclogged the pipe within one hour. Had I paid Gillece $10, 362 to replace the house trap I still would have been left with an inoperable sewer system, i.e., the clog was further down the line. Do not ever call Gillece.


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