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Gexa Energy / Rate increase of 100% in 6 months

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I signed up with Gexa in January 2008 at a rate of 9.2cents/kWh (variable) . In the last few months it has reached 21.3cents/kWh more than a 100% increase, that is ridiculous. In summer when the rates went up it was understandable . but from mid-august the rates have been coming down (eg : - ), and other provider have come down from approximately 20c/kWh to normal approx 13cents/kWh, but with Gexa even the October bill is at 21.3cents/kWh . Isn't it long enough time for the energy commodity prices to be reflected on the users ? When I raised a complaint with Gexa all they said that only thing they can do is record "unhappy" against my customer id.

I stay in a 1 bedroom apartment, do not switch on A/C or Heater. The only electric appliance used in my house is the electric stove for cooking (not even oven is used), refridgerator and washer/dryer (once a week) and with this frugal usage I end up paying about 100$ a month while competitive providers (Startex Power, Champion etc) costs less than half the amount.

Please do not use Gexa even if their current rate shows up low on a variable rate. It just keeps going up without reflecting anything of the market. And worst part is now at this high end I have one more billing cycle to complete before I can switch providers. So I essentially end up paying about 200$ extra for Gexa and again installation and all intial charges for the new provider. If your usage of electricity is more (I don't think it is possible to live with any lesser usage than what I currently do) the difference in your case would be much larger.

Gexa sucks . Be warned. I would say go through the different plans of various providers and compare them and see trends over a period before making a decision about your provider. This site is useful - (for houston)

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  • Mi
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    GEXA raised my rate from .158 to .1904 in the usage month of October, 2008. I could find no other electric provider in Texas that raised their rates during this period, especially by over .03hr. When I called them and asked why, they said it was due to their wholesale cost. When I argued with them that no other company in Texas raised variable rates and in fact most lowered them, they said there was nothing they could do and under no circumstances would they adjust my bill. I also reminded them that Reliant's rate (which GEXA claims is the rate they try to beat) is currently at .116, but that made no difference to the supervisor I talked with. I have since switched my service, but still find this to be unfair and usurous treatment. What do we have other than the company's word that their wholesale cost went up enough during this period to warrant such an increase? I also noticed they dropped their variable rate plans in my area coincidentally with this unwarranted increase. My suspicion is this increase was their way of getting me to commit to a fixed rate. Why not just ask me to switch instead of using such underhanded tactics?

    Likewise, not only would I not recommend GEXA, I will make it known anywhere I can that this is not a company to do business with.

  • Cn
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    It is time to stop energy companies from ripping off consumers. I would like to initiate a class action lawsuit. 713 805-2328

  • Rt
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    I had the same experience with GEXA, calling them was of no use.Probably will have to switch to some other provider

  • Se
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    Had a similar experience with Gexa, raising rates from 12.3 to 21 /kwh between June and November '08. Customer services basically said 'live with it - that I should have signed a contract rate back in early summer', but the best offer at the time was in the 17 c/kwh range with a year commitment. So I stayed variable, and watched as they jacked up the rates while oil prices plummeted.

    I switched over to another provider at 11.9c/kwh in October, but had to wait until December for the change, and one more rip-off billing cycle. So I filed a formal complaint with the PUC, stating that Gexa was using unethical marketing practices to convince customers to sign long-term contracts at above market rates. I'm currently awaiting their decision in this matter.

    The more complaints that the PUC receives, the better is is for us all - the procedure for complaining is detailed in the website. Please help bring down these thieves!99

  • Ge
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    I am an affected customer, and an attorney, and am speaking with law firms who handle class actions. I have reason to believe their price increases were unlawful. Please let me know if you're interested in getting involved. [protected]

  • Ma
      25th of Feb, 2009
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  • Ha
      5th of Apr, 2011
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    I wanted to completely agree just how much Gexa energy is horrible

    I had set up the Auto bill pay on my account, and one month I had reported my card as lost, got a new card, but forgot to update my Gexa account. I paid that plus a late fee and re-instated Auto bill pay with the new card. Unfortunately the service representative set up my auto pay to be 2 weeks after my account would be shut off. I never could get the auto bill pay to work and from then on they would charge me late fees every month and they continued telling me that auto pay would now work, or after it had failed yet again they would say they could take the payment over the phone, but they wouldn't do that correctly either. I got huge bills even though this was for an apartment that had no residents. I spent about 10 hours on the phone with the company in a 3 months time period and I still am getting mail about some outstanding charge.

    I hope nobody chooses to use Gexa because there are so many better energy providers out there.

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