GevaliaMay actually assist Identity Thieves

Review updated:

I too just received a shipment from Gevalia that I had not asked for, and when I contacted them online I was told the order was paid for using a VISA card that ended in 9571 and expires in 3/2011. The Gevalia Rep (Laurie Osmon Executive Representative for Gevalia ) would not tell me the name of the bank that issued the card, so VISA Global was unable to stop it in its tracks and neutralize the thief quickly.

Hopefully the police and Feds will have better luck getting info from Ms Osmon than I did.

Looks like Gevalia is willing to assist newbie Identity Thieves so long as they place an order for a Gevalia product, and to *** with the consumers who get hurt by their obstruction.

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  • Ge
      Sep 23, 2010

    Similar thing happened to me, too. My card was used by someone else. The product was sent to me. How did they get my credit card no. and address? Until I received the product, I did not know who Gevalia was. Does their system have bugs? Or is it a crime and they are victim also?

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  • Je
      Sep 27, 2010

    You can file your complaint here.

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  • Bu
      Oct 09, 2010

    I contacted DA of Delaware which is working very well.

    Then, you contact this person from Gevalia:

    Veronica [protected] option 1

    OK? Contact DA first. Otherwise, Gevalia does not care about ID theft so they ignore your concerns about how they got the order with your credit card information. Regular customer reps. from possibly India are dumb and no access to their head office in Delaware.

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  • Ar
      Nov 13, 2010

    Exact same thing happened to me as happened to you all. I do not take kindly to my maxed out credit card (my fault) being used to buy mediocre coffee that I didn't want in the first place (their fault)! I totally understand that some information is easily accessable via the internet, like names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, etc. but there's no reason they should be able to get my credit card number! Here's a blog entry I wrote on this:

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