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General Revenue Corporation / Debt Collections

1 11501 Northlake Dr.Cincinatti, OH, United States Review updated:

constant and continual phone harassment, sometimes calling up to 8 times a day. This practice should be outlawed!

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  • Ru
      13th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Constant and continual phone harassment is indeed outlawed.
    Simply send them a Cease Communication letter by certified mail with return cost, 5 bucks.

  • Bl
      23rd of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Make them STOP. I'm really afraid that I gave them tooo much info. They call my home and work constantly.

  • Je
      9th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Abuse by phone, upon verbal request not to contact me by phone, GRC associate stated he'd call as often as he wanted and keep calling.

    Spoke with Michael Schneider @ 585-492-3247 sent fax to: 888-909-4727, notifying them not to call or contact me unless through the mail.

    Mr. Schneider was kind and stated he'd move my phone number to the no call list.

  • Pm
      24th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    These people need to check their humanity in and not out before they sit down to work. It is not legal for debt collectors to make your phone ring up to 9, 10 or more times a day. They are actually using the phone as a means to terrorize the person that they are trying to get money from. I hope that now that the democrats are back in office that real consumer protection comes back into vogue. During the days of Ralph Nader's consumer crusades back in the 70s, the consumer prevailed over the crooked corporation practices. In the last two decades when things actually should have improved for consumers, . things have gone backward in favor of these corporate entities and their peons such as debt collection companies, "law" firms and so on. You would think that our civilization would have become more progressive instead of greedy. What I mean is that their should have been a level playing field created so that all could benefit from acquistions of education, and jobs. Therefore if everyone is doing quiet well, than these agencies of debt collection would be put out of business. The days of debtor's prison is over, but unfortunately, in the first half of the 21st century, companies use outdated and draconian tactics to collect debts. Hopefully with this new administration, laws to protect consumers will finally have some teeth in them. Everyone deserves a chance to excel and to be the best that they can be. Your credit score should not determine your capabilities to do a good job in your chosen field of endeavor. These new debt collectors do not care nor do they think of the damage that they do when they report in some cases bogus info to credit reporting bureaus...or they are quick to make legitimate creditors suffer by doing the same thing without working out reasonable repayment schedules, or by simply playing dirty pool to line their own pockets. There is nothing noble, nor humane when it comes to exploiting people's poverty, pain, and or suffering in order to line your own pockets. I would not want to one day have to stand before God to answer him, as to why I failed to demonstrate compassion toward my fellowman just because I was wanting to make a fast buck. What sort of an excuse will you have for him that would suffice? There is no excuse for initiating this type of inhumanity on others for profit. Yes if you owe a bill than yes it must be paid, but those that do the collecting are also responsible for the way that they go about collecting the debt. People are more important than money. The good Lord also demonstrates mercy toward us all daily. Why is it so difficult for us, to show mercy toward each other? Am I my brothers' keeper? Most definately so, and if my brother or sister is down on their luck so to speak, I have the choice either to show compassion, or contempt. You are best if you demonstrate compassion, because there but by the grace of God, go any of us.

  • Da
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Collection Agencies in the United States are not bound to ANY privacy laws or "humanity" laws... thanks to de-regulations created by the great and wonderful GW Bush.

    Basically, you must now prove to the Colleciton Agency that they have the wrong information.
    They take NO responsibility.

    Once they have your info, they can do whatever they want with it... including selling it to other collection agencies so that MORE THAN ONE company is calling your home/office at the same time.

    Collection Agencies are often VERY sloppy with filing, and identification. Sometimes, it may not even be YOU that they're looking for. They just did a random phone number search of your area and attached your number to an account with the same name. This happened to me several years ago, and it took over 2 years to get them to stop calling... and it wasn't even ME they were looking for.

    THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN LEGALLY STOP CALLS is to send a "Cease and Dissist" Letter (certified and noterized) to EVERY SINGLE collection agency that has your info. This process can take a VERY LONG TIME, and you can expect phone calls for six (6) months to a year even after you send out the letters... depending on how many collection agencies have purchased your info.

    You may even need to change your number.


    The General Revenue Corporation is a COLLECTION AGENCY that works with Sallie Mae to collect on Student Loans. Their main focuses are corporate schools such as, DeVry, University of Phoenix, and The Art Institute.

    I just graduated from one of these schools less than two (2) months ago, and know that my loans are not due for another 4 months. Yet recently, this company has been calling my home up to twice a day as a "courtesy call" regarding my school.

    Finally, I spoke with a representative who refused to give any information about the call until I "verified" very personal info, such as my SS#.

    After refusing to give my information and demanding to know why they were calling, the rep. finally stated that General Revenue Corporation is OWNED by Sallie Mae.

    I hung up and called Sallie Mae Corp., who revealed that many former students (who are NOT in default) are getting calls from collection agencies due to database glitch.

    I filed a complaint with Sallie Mae and they assured me that General Revenue Corporation would not call again.
    I suggest that—if your situation is the same—you take this action.

    Sallie Mae already has your information, if General Revenue Corporation needs to make a "courtesy call" or "verify information" then you can tell them to speak directly with Sallie Mae... and stop calling you.

  • Kl
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i agree 100% i contacted by GRC back in August of 09 and was set up on a consolidation program with William D. Ford. everything was fine untill just last week when these peronas started calling me telling me paperwork for my cosolidationhasnt gone trough (Lie) i was told all the typical bull about daulted loans and i needed to get in thier rehabilitation pgrogram or my tax refund will be taken. ( ha ha jokes on them i already got my refund) i was told to wire them 75$, i called william d ford and according to thier records i am in thier program and im in good standing, i told them about GRC and they told me that i should call Sallie Mae and find out the status of my loan, so i did and i was told by Sallie Mae the same thing that i was in consolidation and that i owed them nothing, i told Sallie Mae about GRC and i was told that the next time GRC calls im to ask who they are doing a service for, and Sallie Mae is sending me a proof of consolitation letter. So with my bases covered, im waiting for GRC to call me one more time and im going to let them know that i did thier job for them and i dont own them a damn thing and to quite calling me. and then im sending certifiied letter to stop calling me along with a copy of the proof of consoldation letter. if it dont stop after that im taking them to court.

  • Ph
      28th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    general revenue corporation sent me a letter. in it they claimed to be an authorized representative of the ohio attorney general and that i owed money on an account that i paid more than a year ago. be safe- give no information of any kind.

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