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Gem Shopping / Awful experience

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Gem Shopping is extremely slow in posting a credit to your charge card for merchandise that is returned. They keep telling me that they have to make sure that the returned item is ok and that since they have gone to broadcasting 24hours 7 days a week, they have really increased their workload, so they are sorry for the delay.

Well, when you purchase an item that has a pretty high dollar amount it is frustrating to have to watch your credit card charge you interest on that outstanding balance month after month. The credit amount Gem Shopping will refund you is only for the amount of the item purchased, so you are still strapped with the postage you paid to get the item shipped to you and then for the postage to send it back and on top of that now you are building finance charges on a balance that you thought was going to be cleared quickly.

According to their Return Policy there is a very small window of opportunity to get a Return Authorization number after receiving an item. It must be within 7 days of receipt. I've complied with their rules. I got my Return Authorization numbers and I've got the UPS tracking details that show when the items were received back by Gem Shopping. So I know exactly how long they have been in possession of the returned item. I've even seen one of the items I returned already displayed for sale again. It was a very distinctive bracelet so it was easy to spot. I've talked with their customer service and mentioned this to them. I've sent e-mails requesting that someone look in to the items that I've returned. I realize that I'm not one of their big spenders but over the past couple of years I have spent thousands of dollars and it is disappointing that they don't react as quickly as other companies when managing returns.

As I have been waiting for my credits to post I have continued to watch and purchase other items and it seemed interesting that the person on the phone would ask if I wanted to use my Store Credit...which leads me to believe that is part of the game they are playing. They keep the cash flow going by not running refunds quickly and encouraging customers to just use the credit balance they already have.

To their credit...on their invoice under the Return Policy they state 'Pending an approved inspection and validation of your returned item(s), your credit should appear on your statement within one to two billing cycles.'

However, I've had a couple of items returned as early as November 26, 2008 and as recent as January 16, 2009 and as of today, March 5, 2009, I have yet to see a credit for any of these items on my credit card.

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  • Ja
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    Hello to you i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i also have my own educational jewelry discussions here. I'm reading your complaint and i'd like to ask you WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A HIGH RATE OF RETURNS FROM ONLINE ORDERS YOU MAKE?

    In my opinion if you're having such a bad experience with online shopping i suggest you stop shopping online and start going into a jewelry store to make your purchases. I have an online jewelry webstore and i've NEVER had a return of my jewelry for as long as i've had my 2 jewelry webstores. I also suggest you educate yourself on the jewelry or gemstones you're trying to buy before you start using your credit cards or cash to obtain them.

    I tell my clients this "MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY FOR & KEEP BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH ME" because i'm not in the business of loaning my jewelry for a temporary payment, and that's exactly what your credit card transactions look like in my opinion. You're ordering jewelry only to send it back for a FULL REFUND and that to me is really not a good way to spend your time or money.

  • Ce
      9th of May, 2009
    +5 Votes

    I purchased what I thought was a south seas white pearl ring. When I called to purchace it the graphics on display said south seas. I also asked the operator to read back to me the description. She said south seas. When I received the item the tag said cultured, no mention of south seas. I know there
    is a difference in price from a cultured and south seas pearl. I feel I was bait and switched. I sent them two e-mails asking them to respond and have had no reply. This is over a week ago, and they state they will respond within 24 hours. Be careful, this is the second time I have received something different from the description.

  • Ha
      8th of Dec, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Cee Gee Almost all South Sea pearls are cultured. Multiple times David has shown videos of the process used to create the pearls. By the way those videos are part of a documentary done by the Smithsonian on the Paspaley Pearl Company that David works with to bring beautiful pearls. The price of a natural South Sea pearl is extremely high as they are rare. Hope this helps. I am not affiliated with GSN in any way just a happy customer.

  • Ne
      8th of Jul, 2009
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    Gem Shopping Network is an extremely big rip off.
    In this day an age when money is scare and paying customers scarcer, their stonewalling tactics and polices are outrageous.
    I had one item shipped to me for $72.10!! They are a dishonest company posing as a "Christian-based" company.
    I have received and had trouble getting my money back on defective merchandise and they actually have the audacity to say that I have "returned" too much and that my "credit rating" with them has dropped. This is one of the biggest scams going. I suggest calling Atlanta based Better Business Bureau as well as letting others know via word of mouth. The head of this company and his right hand man do not deal with customers. If they were a quality operation, they would stand by their merchandise, refund cheerfully and promptly and not be so hauty and holier than thou...
    What goes around comes around...make sure you let your credit card company know of your displeasure with this company. They are supposed to go to bat for you when you do not get a response.

    Good Luck, forewarned is forearmed!!

  • Ha
      8th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    @NEVER again!! The shipping charge is higher because it is for two day FexEx insured in most cases. I have never had a long wait on any return even when I have been disappointed in the piece of jewelry. If you return too much they say on their website they will bar you from future orders. They are not in the lend a jewelry piece business. IMO if you do your homework on what gemstone or item you are interested in it will greatly enhance your ability to choose only what will make you happy.

  • Ey
      27th of Dec, 2009
    +4 Votes

    I have too recently zap by gem shopping network. I have returned $3, 600.00 dollar champiagn diamond ring on september 9th, 2009, and confirmed delivered with their sigture on september 11th, 09, and as December 26th, 09 I'm yet to receive my balace of 1, 078.00. As someone have early indicated, gem shopping network prolong refund as long as they can so customer would buy another merchantize from them while waiting for their refund, in this way they make a money. Another thing for the costumers to remember is that, they (gem shopping network) have a tency to round up either the balance or refund credit turn into store credit without the approval of their customers, this happened to me personally. Gem Shopping Network also have a tency to hang up the calls on customers when they don't have a right answer. I'm sooo disappointed with them and it has been a eye opening experince in my part!!!

  • Ha
      8th of Dec, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @eye opener I've never had your experience. I've always returned a piece I didn't like and received a prompt refund for the exact price I paid less shipping. I've never asked for or been offered a store credit nor have I been given one.

  • An
      31st of Jul, 2018
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    @Happy Redhead Well, happy redhead we are happy for you! The rest of us have been ripped off and this silver fox is on it❤️

  • Br
      11th of Oct, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I too have a bad experience with Gem Shopping Network.

    My first and last purchase was made during an auction. Kurt was the host. The auction began at $1000.00 with $100.00 increments. It was supposed to be for a 3.7 WCG. I was the only bidder. During the sale pitch…this gem was touted to appraise for $9, 000.00. I bought the appraisal for an extra $75.00. (The appraisal was for a little over $2000.00)

    I received the package and immediately saw the gem was not 3.7 cts, but a little over 1 ct. I immediately called and received a return verification number. To return this package with insurance cost $45.00. Plus I am out the $75.00 cost for the appraisal.

    The tracking information indicates Duluth, GA GSN received my return on 9/30/2010. Today I called to see why my card had not been credited. They indicated that it takes 90 days to refund my credit card. In other words, it will be December 29th before I receive the credit on my card for my purchase.

    It is hard to determine the quality of a purchase via television cameras. The consumer is at a disadvantage when cameras and lighting effects reflect positives and cover up the negatives. The shipping and handling cost and the cost to return and insure makes purchasing via television a gamble at the least. Essentially I gambled and lost shipping and handling both ways, plus insurance…and plus cost of appraisal. That is $145.00.

    Never again. Once bitten, twice shy. I will have to take my chances paying retail in department stores.

  • Ga
      27th of Oct, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I WILL NEVER AGAIN DO BUSINESS WITH THE GEM SHOPPING NETWORK!! STEER CLEAR!! SCAM!! I bought a ring from the Gem Shopping Network. At the time of purchase, we were told that it was returnable, however what we were not told was that we would have to pay a 20% restocking fee and wait 2 business cycles (60-90 days) for the returned funds. I spoke with a supervisor (Erin). I asked why this information was not explained at the time of purchase. In such a condescending way, she told me that it was my responsibility to do my due diligence via their website and investigate the return policy. I explained that I purchased the item on TV and did not have access to their policy. She told me that I should have gone to the public library. Seriously? Then I was told that the policy was on the invoice. Well, isn't that a bit after the fact? Then I asked who her supervisor was. She told me that she was the boss and had no supervisor. Really?

    Bottom line, the Gem Shopping Network has many complaints about this very thing. I should have done my due diligence, because had I known what I now see, I would have never even went into business with them. I'll call it a lesson learned.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away!

  • Sh
      12th of Mar, 2011
    +4 Votes

    I too had an experience... to say the least a scam... I had 2 purchases. first was a Tanzanite- trillant, Kurt said it was top gem, I took to my jeweler and he said it had a chip on the table and that for it too be top gem, KURT was not a certified gem seller or he was blind(I felt horrible, i do educate myself on stones and the likelihood of good quality form books, TV and internet). I would have had to re-cut the stone and it would of made it much smaller- I sent back. The next was a color change garnet, (6 MONTHS LATER)I watched the show for months to get all the education before buying. I purchased and then call my jeweler, he said if I can cancel. there was no evidence that the stone I had purchased would be of a good grade(I explained the different colors of stones from dark to light)- it was lite, quite small i believe 90pt and was 2000.00, and did have some change as shown on TV... I did cancel- they gave me a hard time (THE WOMEN AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE EXTREMELY RUDE, NO CUSTOMER ORIENTED AND ARE STUCK ON NO!! NO! NO!... NOT WHAT CAN I DO TO ASSIST YOU !!!, I TOO WAS REP-REMANDED BY ERIN THE REP AND TOLD TO RESEARCH MY PRODUCT BEFORE I BUY... I DID, YOU SUCK LADIES AT GEM SHOPPING !!!) and then canceled me... you and i know if a company states you can return, gives no comment or in writing that you can not return, they are a hella scam company...THE REASON I PURCHASED FROM TV WAS OF COURSE FOR THE DEAL.. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Ba
      17th of Mar, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I purchased a small parcel of sapphires that were very included in person. Some even had white stripes . It took 3 months for my money to return to my bank, of course, minus shipping both ways. Really, Gem Shopping has the highest prices on TV. The items look really good, but to get your money tied up with them is just unwise.

  • Ri
      18th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Looking at these complaints is not the worst thing I encountered with GemShopping, they refunded one of my purchases right away a few years ago ... it's the " Rip Off ' that SOME of their jewelers sell as special, rare ...etc and things SOME of their Sellers sold that were or could be bought on say ebay ( I'm talking ' Exactly ' the same too ! ) for a few dollars or even a few hundred but sold for THOUSANDS... even 10's of 1000's - drove me nuts !!! Now I just & also shop ebay :) !!!

  • Fi
      5th of Apr, 2012
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    I purchased a ring from them and was dissapointed also. I had to pay the return postage. Since them I have bought a a ring worth 5k at a jewerly store, where I could see it, hold it & haggel with a live person. TV plays tricks on the appearence of the items.

  • Fi
      1st of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    After "minimal" negotiation with the show host, I purchased an estate black opal and diamond ring set in patinum. It was a $6500 piece of jeweley. As part of my deal, the show host agreed to size it for free. I arranged to have the ring sent to me for inspection first (before sizing as sizing will make a purchase a "final" sale). After inspection, I made the proper arrangements to send the ring back to them for my free sizing. (Understand...they had my full payment for the ring.). Many weeks went by - then it was almost two months and they still did not send me my ring. I called weekly to check the status and was promised by their customer service group that it was on its way. I finally cancelled the order and luckily got a full refund and apology. This ring was quite expensive and they treated the situation like it was a key chain instead of a valuable piece of jewelry. I learned that there is a value buying through your local jeweler...where you can try on the piece and they will be more
    willing to negotiate the price - and sizing is done promptly. Going through Gem are just a "number". As a customer - they hold no value on what you spend or what you're buying. You are forced to go through layers of red tape. Their Customer Service Dept. is very small considering the volume of sales. The customer service reps are not alert to the orders and don't really know how to handle individual situations tailored to a customer's needs. Especially in those situations where customers are making very expensive purchases. It is also true that their opinion of value is just an "opinion". Every jeweler will have their own opinion on quality, good workmanship and rareity. Just because they say "Top Gem World Class" is their opinion. Consumers should be aware of the magnified camera shots of the jewelery. If you can see the model's skin pores...that will give you more realistic dimensions of the jewelry - indicating a very small piece of jewelry. Additionally, I would buy more jewelry from them...but thy really won't negotiate much on the price with you. I think they severely hurt themselves in that regard. I've made very reasonable offers - but they have lost sales worth thousands (literally) over as little as not coming down in price $100! Then I watch as they continue to show the same item on future shows over and over and the item never sells. They have not learned that the buyer sets the value - if no one's buying's the price! Gem Shopping hasn't caught onto that yet.

  • Sl
      23rd of Jul, 2012
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  • Ju
      9th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    "this should be selling for" then why are you selling it at less
    "that should not be on this turntable" so over used it is not any longer believable
    "for the last hour this turntable is now 1350" where all morning people have paid the 1500 in good faith
    "if this were {name the designer} it would be " but it's not so why even bring it up
    In other words the hype is so beyond belief by most of the hosts
    Before they were very uppity about gold usage etc but now they are selling sterling silver at outrageous prices and convincing naive buyers they are selling them the crown jewels.
    Yesterday the return of MARVIN who went away and sold on one of the "off the beaten path" jewelry channels hopefully it will help[ guys because daily you lose clients with the ### that is thrown around by ruder and ruder hosts.

  • Ma
      23rd of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    OMG! I was planning to purchase an emerald ring for my birthday for Gem shopping network, but all these negative complaints scare me away! Thank you guys for alerting me not to be fool. Merry Christmas!

  • St
      22nd of Feb, 2013
    +4 Votes

    I also had a very bad experience with GSN, I bought a 1400.00$ set of Fancy Yellow Diamond earnings, well I got shipped a set of earnings that were a a different idem number than the one I thought I bought.i tapped the show and the earnings were .74 ct fancy yellow but the ones that were sent were.70 very faint yellow color, called customer service and was told they were going to watch the tape, they called back and told me I was right that the idem numbers were different and she would check it out more.then I was called back and told that they sold them all the time like that it might be .74 on the screen but you might only get .70ct. weights were not always correct.well I am not very happy with GSN at this time and they will have to send me the correct idem that I bought, I was told to call the show host and they would explain how this worked.well this is how it works, you buy a piece of jewelry and when you get it, it should be the same number and idem you bought, not the old BAIT AND SWITCH people beware

  • Mi
      25th of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    It's been my experience that when there is a valid complaint/return regarding an item purchased with a Credit Card, a "dispute" may be filed with the bank/CC company. The charged amount will then not be included in the monthly amount due & will not accrue interest — pending refund from the merchant.

  • Ho
      13th of Mar, 2013
    +4 Votes

    I disagree with all of the above. I have had several dealings with them and they have been fine to deal with.

  • An
      31st of Jul, 2018
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    @holiday28 Lucky you - the rest of us are pissed!

  • Je
      12th of Apr, 2013
    +2 Votes

    My complaints are basically things that "annoy" me. First, they constantly state "we have the best camera workers in the biz". I literally get slight headaches because they cant keep anything in focus. It never fails as soon as they change items they have to focus in (and I mean every time). I'm sorry but that never happens on any other "shopping networks". Second, this whole call in for a price and make a deal is just plain "sneaky" they know their bottom line so just say it. How hard would it be to just give a price on each piece when they are describing them. And different hosts will give different prices WTF? I'm the type of person that needs to "ponder" over my decision so having to call in for the price and only having a few seconds to decide is just too much for me (not to mention the cust. service rep is in high gear with the pressure). Another annoying, I mean pull your hair out annoying is when the hosts say something multiple times over and over and over right in a row...why why why? Not to mention the shouting. Gem Shopping if you fixed these things I know your business will grow.

  • Ch
      2nd of Aug, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I watch this show every nite I like some of there stuff but they cost to much I cannot afford these prices and they don't have value pay or stretch pay which I think they should they might get more people to buy then I find same kind of ring cheaper ..I just which they would think of the people that are on fix income so I guess I will never get anything from them thanks for sharing your comment

  • Eb
      30th of Aug, 2013
    +1 Votes

    You fools, buy your stuff from ebay and pay thousands less. Where do you think they get it from ?????don't give them 3000.00 when you can get it on ebay for 300.00, trust me they are ripping you off. If I sold my stuff for what they do, I would be a million-aire, shop ebay !!!

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