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I purchased a pink diamond ring from Gem Shopping Network. The diamonds looked more white then pink. I paid $2, 400.00 for it. When I called to return it and gave the reason why, I was told my shopping privileges were cancelled. It cost me over $20.00 to return a ring that was not as stated. Recently I had on Gems Shopping Network and the ring I returned was now being sold as pink diamonds again and the price was $3, 995. Instead of having a set price as other shopping channels their prices change at the whim of the host. Buyer beware you're better shopping at Ebay.


  • Ug
    Ugogemexpert Jan 23, 2016

    What people do not realize about GSN is that the hosts are paid a comission on each item they sell. Therefore a less gready host can ask less for an item than another host. As a result prices fluctuate widely. My suggestion is to low ball your offer. Cut the retail price they quote in half and then cut that price in half again and negotiate close to that price. Some hosts like Kurt, Steve and Marvin are notorious for overstating the retail value of the pieces they sell. They use misinformation as well as deception to make you think that they are giving you great deals while in reality you could easily get a better deal from a less gready host. There is nothing wrong with a host trying to make as much money as they can, it's up to the buyer to understand how the game is played and get a fair price for the item. The GSN host remind me of used car salesman they use theatrics and every sale trick in the book. They are not the most sophisticated individuals but they sure put on a great comedy show. I admit that I watch the show because it's entertaining and let's face it there is very little else on TV these days.

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  • Sa
    sabi nino Jan 29, 2016

    They are good actors at that, like saying "oh oh someone put this ring it does not belong here, oh well I have to give it the same price crap

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  • Gg
    G&G Apr 17, 2017

    ESTATE ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS!!! I purchased thousands of dollars of jewelry over the past 10 years from this Network. I stopped buying and watching this Network September 2016. Prior to this date, I accepted and kept the majority of items I bought as I was satisfied with the item's quality and price that I paid for them. The few items, 5% or less over all the years, I did return were clearly misrepresented by the Network hosts and apparently not screened properly by their quality control section before being sent to me (if they were even checked by anyone), ie., diamonds represented as without inclusions that were full of defects, gem stones like tanzanite and opal chipped/cracked, gold and platinum mountings clearly damaged with significant pitting and/or bent, etc., . I did keep numerous damaged items that I paid my local jeweler to repair as the repair cost was not too much and he was able to take care of the problems the same day or within a couple days. However, my opinion and support of this Network all changed September 2016 when I called their customer support department to report/complain about an estate item I had purchased in order to have them repair the item as my jeweler told me his very high estimated cost of repair. I was told by three different Network customer service representatives that it was GEM Shopping Network's policy that "ALL ESTATE ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS". I asked the representatives why the hosts do not state this policy on air or why this policy is not noted on the screen when estate item are being sold, and was told that the hosts know this policy, are reminded of this policy and choose NOT to disclose this NETWORK policy on air. So regarding my defective item purchase, I was refused corrective action by the representatives and returned the item only to be charged a restocking fee (because I had paid for the Network to size this ring portrayed as being "perfect" prior to purchase) and of course I paid the shipping charges too. You may wonder why I took so long to express my concerns regarding this Network...I actually watched this show last week a couple of times and noted that the hosts were still not disclosing the AS IS POLICY for estate items. Also, listening to the same Network hosts with the same old hyped-up presentations I had viewed over the years made me nauseous. I choose not to watch this Network as if I want to buy "as is estate items" with no guarantees, I will take my business to pawn shops in my local area that carry colored gem and diamond estate jewelry. At least then, I will be able to see the item for what it is, and pay the right price for a piece that I want, that I am ready to accept after personally viewing, and pay for knowing that the item is being sold as is with no guarantees. For any of you that do not believe what I have indicated on this post, pick up your phone and call the Network's customer service people and verify what I have presented. I choose not to discredit their operations, to include their hosts, but rather want to present the rest of the story provided to me by their own customer service people that is not made public by the hosts which I believe the consumer should know...ESTATE ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS!!!

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  • Ti
    TinyAnne Feb 28, 2018

    I see both sides of this issue. I do agree that things seemed to change around 2016. Not sure when GEM SHOPPING WAS SOLD TO SUN CAPITOL. I believe that this change of ownership may be responsible for the changes in policies and changes in the entire process.

    I really miss the hosts that used to be in the overnight days, They were less polished than some of the daytime hosts, BUT they sold a different type of jewelry..some more "rough" than the "finished" items. I miss those educators and teachers who helped to make the night hours a great experience that was very different from the daytime host! Again I think this is the result of the new owners!!!

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