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I was hit by a driver who ran a stop sign. There were no witnesses and the Police could not determined fault. No tickets were issued. I filed a claim with Geico. Both of us have Geico insurance. The adjuster came to take pictures of the damage which showed my passenger fender, wheel, door, mirror were all destroyed. The other vehicle has a destroyed bumper and headlights. Geico claims that it was a head on collision and a 50/50 fault. I don't get it. Now I'm trying to get my vehicle repaired and I need a new strut, caliper, brake line, upper and lower control arm, bumper, door, wheel, mirror, alignment and front axle, a paint job, and a few other things. They estimated the damages at $1500. I get $750. The adjuster took 2 pictures of the damage and never even bent his lazy butt down to look any closer. I am now waiting for him to come back to the shop to look at the car again. It took him a week to come the first time. If he takes another week I'm looking at 3 weeks of repairs. The shop owner has been cool through this, but he is getting ticked off because his lift is tied up with my car waiting for Geico. What a bunch of crooks. I've been with them for years and have spent over $10000 in insurance to them over the years. Now I'm asking for $2500 to fix my car that was struck by someone else (I can't crash into someone with my door!!!), and they are acting like I should be grateful for the $750. I thought I paid for insurance in case an unfortunate event occurs. It seems like I just paid Geico all these years because I had to pay someone something. They basically just took my money, and offered me nothing in return. The funny thing is today I had the automatic withdraw payment taken out of my account...Why I don't even have a car to drive right now.
Geico, stop robbing me!!!

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      19th of Apr, 2012

    You did good, they didnt send out an adjuster just asked me to send pictures of the damages and I did..we are both insured through GEICO also..they denied both claims. The accident happened in January this year, adjusters have very bad attitudes and they lie a lot.
    I sent a letter to the head of corporate Insurance Operations about 1-1/2 weeks ago and have not heard anything from anyone..go to the Department of Insurance in your state and file a complaint against the company...

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  • Yo
      16th of May, 2012

    sounds like you dont carry collision. if you did, they would cover all of your damages. so youre carrying liability only, meaning your policy covers damage to another party's property if you were to be the one causing it. youre only collecting 750 because you were determined to be equally responsible for the accident, and it is the other party's policy that is paying you. the fault is your own in not choosing the coverage that would protect you in this type of situation.

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