Geek Squad / kaspersky security

19 Bluebird Road, South Glens Falls, NY, United States

I purchased an h/p pavilion 20 all in one june 2013 with kaspersky security and after 2 years, I renewed. Had problems after 2 years and was referred to the geek squad as I had all kinds of viruses according to the geek squad. How did this happen with the protection I paid for? The geek squad charges me $199.00 to fix. Two month ago all of a sudden kaspersky was gone with over 200 days left on my subscription. Contacted kaspersky and was told to buy a disk for $16.00 and some change, i've never received the disk. Told to upgrade from windows 8.1 to ten, lost my email and every time I contact windows they say to use a password they will send in my email. How can I that if I can't get into my email and of course geek squad can fix it for $199.00.

Dec 14, 2015

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