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Geek Squad / geek squad ruined my computer

1 United States

A couple of years ago, I was getting virus warning messages on my computer, so I took to best buy/geek squad to be cleaned. They also installed kaspersky antivirus on it and said if there were any further problems, they would correct it for no charge. At the end of a year, I started getting virus warnings again, plus notices that I needed to download a new version of kaspersky for a fee. I took the computer back to geek squad and told them to get rid of the viruses, do a tune up, and put in the new version of kaspersky. When I went to pick it up, they said everything was done, and I had to pay them for the tune up and virus treatment, which I had thought was included in what I paid the year before, and the new version of kaspersky as well. As soon as I got home and turned my computer on, I got a virus warning, and a notice that the kaspersky antivirus was out of date. Geek squad had not installed the new version. I took it back to them, and they acted like they didn't know they were supposed to install the new version, in spite of the fact I paid them for it. They said I had another virus, and that it came from something I had downloaded — and I hadn't downloaded anything yet after getting it back from geek squad. This time they did install the new version of kaspersky, and also found more viruses to delete, but they also deleted my pop-up blocker. I had to re-install that, and the computer worked okay for about a month, then I started getting virus warnings again, that personal information and credit card numbers, etc., were not safe, and supposedly coming from att, mozilla, and yahoo, and giving a phone number to call to have the problem corrected. My son, who is a software developer, told me these were scams and not to click on or call them, so I did not. He also told me that kaspersky antivirus is made in moscow, russia, so who knows what kind of spy-ware is embedded in it. I'm sure geek squad gets a kick-back from them to sell it. It certainly doesn't prevent viruses very well, as I have had ten times more problems with viruses since geek squad installed it on my computer than I ever had before. The most recent issue of consumer reports rates it far below most other antivirus programs. As far as I am concerned, geek squad has ruined my computer and I will never take it, or any other device, to them ever again.

Jun 20, 2015

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