Geek Squad/Best Buy / crashed computer

Flemington, NJ, United States

I should have researched this site prior to calling Geek Squad. Paid for Remote Service. Tech. crashed my computer. Another remote tech. could not reboot computer. Told me to take computer to Best Buy/Geek Squad store. Store told me it would cost
$200 to get computer fixed and I would lose all information. Asked if there were any other options, was told I could buy a new computer. They could install my data from old computer to new computer. Since Geek Squad was last to "touch" my computer and they crashed it, I am looking for good faith customer service. Asking for the$79.99 PC Set-Up fee and $80.00 Data Transfer fee to be credited. It has been a run-around since Thursday June 30, 2011 with customer relations via phone. I will never again use Geek Squad, and will not recommend Geed Squad to anyone. Their Customer Service/Relations could care less about the problem.


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