Ge Money Bank / Sleepy's / Promo interest/ expiration notification

Congers, NY, United States

We bought a Bed, Mattress, Pads, etc. from Sleepy's in Nanuet, NY...there was a 18 month no interest Promo, when you opened a Sleepy's Credit Account... there is a small block space on the statement, which tells you the Promo is ended, but it hardly is noticeable and does not get your attention..I missed the cut-off and the next month all the interest was added to my balance...I paid the entire balance immediately, thinking they might waive the charges (why would I not pay the $353.81 balance to avoid the $378.20 interest charge...) There was no attempt to make the Expiration stand out, and I'm sure they hope you miss it when looking at your statement, so they can charge you the interest...GE wouldn't waive the charges, Sleepy's couldn't intervene on behalf of the I'll pay the charge off and shred my Sleepy's Charge Card...Beware the small print, and read your statement entirely when dealing with GE Money Bank...Don't expect any extra help like large PRINT, or red lettering to get your attention...They're hoping you miss the Cut-off date, even if it's only by a matter of days..

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