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I have a "QCard" from QVC television retailers.
The card is thru GE Money Bank.

I had 2 promo purchases in 2008 - one due 1-10-09 and the other due 2-10-09, on what QVC calls "deferred billing".
QVC runs promos at slow times to increase purchases by offering billing due in a few months, at stated times in future. They call it "Deferred Payment".

First of all, all of these many years I have learned that QCard does not remind you NOT to pay your deferred promo advance ahead.
They sneak it in your current balance hoping you will forget about the deferred part not being due yet.

But that is not the main problem now.

I returned a purchased item that would be due 1-10-09 on the deferred payment offer it was bought on.
The bill does show the return for $68.36
However this is where the bank conjob comes in.
Instead of crediting that item for the 1-10-09 due date it had -- it took $68.36 out of the amount not due until 2-10-08 -- which was a distinct and separate item and should have remained a distinct and separate item.
GE MoneyBank is now conning me and asking for the $68.36 out of the item not due until 2-10-09 and is showing that only $3.67 will be due 2-10-08.
This is not a mistake.
This a con on consumers.
When QVC offers the "Deferred payment" to get a sale, the buyer must use the QCard.
GE MoneyBank and QVC knows very well what it is doing when it offers deferred payment only on QCard.
They cannot plead "mistake" when they try to con early payments from consumers.

I would not use the QCard otherwise because it has a ridiculously high APR 22.8%.
I ONLY use it when a deferred payment is offered.
But then GE Money Bank gets sleazy and dishonest.

GE MoneyBank needs to be ordered to:
1) Clearly on the bill show ONLY the balance that is due NOW and not include deferred promo balances due in the future, so that they hope you will forget and pay it all early.
2) When a return is made it does NOT affect the LEGAL AND BINDING contract for the item that is still on future promo and no sleazy con job trying to con early payment from the consumer.

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      Apr 16, 2009

    If you are concidering to finance with GE Money? RUN THE OTHER FLIPPEN WAY!! My Husband and I purchased a stove and financed it through GE MONEY. They denied recieving our four first payments added finance charges. Everymonth said our payment was late when we pay all our bills online and the bank said that it showed that we payed on time and extra payments monthly. We purchased the stove through GE MONEY for 12 months no intrest. YAH RIGHT!! Its 6 months later we have paid $1000.00 when the stove actually was for $500.o0. If you need to talk to GE MONEY?LOL!! You can not reach them unless you plan to be on hold for 2 hrs and that is after you have pressed a 100 numbers and been directed to 5-7 other numbers and than you waist your life away waiting in total ANGER waiting on someone to take your call 3 hrs later. Who cant speak English and never gives a direct answer or help than they hang up on you!! THEY HANG UP ON YOU!!! I would rather have used my microwave and ate frozen box food for a year maybe two than ever use GEMONEY!!! They are THIEVES!!! You can plan on weeks of aggravation and no outcome. SOMEONE SHOULD SHUT THE DOORS ON THAT PLACE!!!ASHLEY DRAPER!!

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  • Tr
      Mar 05, 2010

    I am so relieved to see in writing what I am experiencing. GE is fraudulent. They tack on late payment/finance charges on products that were returned well within the pre-determined timeframe. When you attempt to resolve the issue, you are rebuffed. They don't want to resolve an issue. They just want to wear you down, ruin your credit rating and enjoy making threatening phone calls 5-7 times daily. What I don't understand is why QVC has teamed up with this unsavory company and are unwilling to assist you. I canceled my membership with QVC after 25 years as a customer. There must be countless people like myself. Maybe QVC will realize when enough people cancel their membership. I hate QVC and make sure I tell everyone about my negative experience. I work at a hospital that has 15, 000 people. We have our own blog/e-mail/staff bulletin board. That reaches a lot of people.

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