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I have a fixed loan that I took out almost 3 years ago. I agreed to accept online statements (which I still have never received so much as one). My payments for 2.5 years were 162. and change. I have set into my ebillpay for 163.00 8 days before the payment is due each month. July 31 I received a call form their collections dept. telling me that I have accumulated 1000 in late fees and need to settle immediately. Some time in January they raised my min due to 175 and never told me about the increase. They offered to take the balance in full (with a 200 dollar savings to me!!!) They would take the 3882 out on the 14 of August. Well now its the 19 of August and they have not taken the money out. I have called the 800number everyday since monday, and they keep telling me they will take it out soon, What game are they playing? They want the money so bad why are they not taking it? Are they trying to wait untill next month to charge me more late fees my payment should have been due on the 15 of August. This company is a scam, is this legal what they are doing?


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      Feb 04, 2011

    this is the most obnoxious co. We did not know of them, and kept getting phone calls from them starting at 8am. They call all day long until 9pm. Found out that J.C. Penny changed over to them without giving us any notice, had the card for 25 years, reduced our credit to nothing, so the card is cancelled! For what? Here is a tip to piss them off...keep a whistle by the phone, and let them have it. They have no business calling us at all times of the day, and they call here asking for other people that we do not know! We have also filed a complaint with state of Floida.

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