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I have been a good paying customer. I faithfully make a payment each month and even pay more than the required amount due in-order to pay the account off faster. The problem is, the date due is BEFORE I get my unemployment check. Therefore, it does not matter how much money I send it is being eatten up by a $39.00 late fee and an larger finance charge added to the account each month. I have written to the El Paso, TX., office -no reply! I called CS today (1/2/09) and was told that there is no way they can change the due date in the system. That is VERY strange!! All companies I deal with can do that -- so now we know HOW --- GE is making all their money off us poor souls who needed to purchase something with a credit card and we are being punished for it! -- CS told me make a payment on-line, then send another payment after the 12th of the month and that will get posted early for the next month. I'll actually be ahead according to CS. ----- I'll give it a try just to see if this will help save me money.

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  • Kv
      Jan 09, 2009

    I'm experiencing the exact same type of issue right now with my Paypal credit card, issued through GE moneybank. My payment has always fallen after the first, so payment has never been a problem. All of a sudden my due date moves to the 27th, after I've already made a payment on the 1st... meaning I would have two payments in one month (which I can't afford on disability) OR skip a payment, which I had to do, and now they want an ungodly minimum payment with late fees and such which I can't afford either. I called and was told they can't change the due date, and I'd have to write the corporate office. I refuse to correspond via postal mail, it's just not intelligent business on the part of the consumer. I'll be calling them again soon to let them know that if I can't deal with someone in authority personally, I will no longer make payments and they'll be free to play the collections game all they want.

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  • No
      Jan 23, 2009

    I called them in Dec 2008 to request a change for the due date or statement date. Right now it falls outside of when I pay every other bill I have because it is due at the end of the month. I was told the same thing - thye are unable to change the date.

    Interestingly, in Jan 2009 I got my bill on 1/22 with a due date of 1/28 but their statement date was 1/5. So their bill took 17 days to reach me but I had 6 days to pay them. I pay online so there's no problem. But I can see where this is going.

    I will cancel my World Market card after I earn my next reward. No sense getting caught by late fees.

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  • Ml
      Jun 30, 2009

    i agree. ge money bank wont do anything to help their customers. all they do is hang up on you or disconnect you when you call customer service and if you ask them to help you in any way you can just forget about it. all they do is add fee on top of fee, over and over again. i will NEVER do business with them again, as soon as i finish paying this card off i will run the other way as fast as i can if i hear their name

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