GDEX(consgt no:[protected]) parcel eaten by rats, fail to deliver

Account no: 2335633; Consignment no: [protected]

Used Gdex to deliver goods to my customer, subang jaya.

03/01/2017 Picked up by Gdex Sitiawan
04/01/2017 Arrived at Gdex Shah Alam
10/01/2017 Approached Gdex Shah Alam branch & Mr/Ms Loganathan via calling (as provided in Gdex official web)

There are 5 contact numbers listed for SHM branch. Unfortunately, 3 of the contacT numbers are forever engaged, while remaining 2 are unanswered.
Phone calls and text messages have been used to approach Mr/Ms Loganathan. However, no single reply from him/her has been received.

14/01/2017 Received reply from SHM branch in morning, around 8 a.m., called from Cik Lalina (verbally translate). According to her, the parcel has been EATEN BY RATS, thus IMPOSSIBLE TO DELIVER to our customer!!

Therefore, we have requested the manager or person in charge of SHM branch to contact us in order to speed up the settlement. Unfortunately, no call has been received since then.

REQUEST: quick and proper arrangement from Gdex ASAP!!!

Jan 14, 2017

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