Gate CraftersCheap products that will break

I purchased an expensive gate system from Gate Crafters who is a subsidiary of Web Direct Brands. The product they sold me was an Estate Swing gate system which includes the motors, brackets and control board. Estate Swing is a subsidiary company to Gate Crafters and Web Direct Brands. When talking to anyone at any of these three companies you are dealing and talking with Web Direct Brands. Now that this information is out there, they sold me a gate for top dollar compared to any other system on the market for my needs. They assured me that it would work perfect for my setup and shipped me the product. Day one the control board had an issue, So I shipped it back for repair. Once I received it, I got everything hooked up, then the motor on the control arm stopped working.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Odessa, FL I shipped it back and they repaired it. Then the second motor (dual gate system) broke. The casing of the motor cracked and the repaired one they sent back cracked as well. I talked to the company for weeks trying to get a refund for these low quality items. But they will not stand behind the products and have no interest in helping me. They have horrible customer service and very cheap products you would expect from a Chinese knockoff with a price you would expect from a high quality item. The system did not work and now I’m stuck with an “expensive” gate system that is complete garbage. Their staff is even worse than their products as 3 managers I was dealing with throughout this process had left the company. Web Direct Brands is a scam and I would never recommend them for anything.

Jan 18, 2017

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