Gander Mountain / manager "caroline" accused my husband of being a thief/directed staff to "remember his face"

Middletown, NY, United States
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In August 2016, my husband and I purchased a snowsuit that was on clearance at the Gander Mountain in Middletown NY. The sales staff were very helpful and because it was a hot summer day were making jokes with us about wearing a snowsuit on such a hot day. I put the suit into the closet and did not look at it again until December time frame. It was then that I had noticed that the anti-theft device was not taken from the jacket portion of the suit. As it was time to wear the suit, I asked that my husband run into the store and request customer service to remove the tag. They said that they needed a receipt, for which we did not have, but we did have the visa statement which reflected the price of the jacket (we had in the jacket pocket) and when in August it was purchased. The managers were in a meeting at the time but my husband managed to speak with "Caroline". She outright accused my husband of being a thief and stated that she would call law enforcement. My husband stated that she might as well as he was not a thief. She then instructed the customer service staff to "remember his face". For reference, we are a military service couple... probably least likely to steal something and then return to a store with proof of purchase - minus a receipt. Suffice to say we will not return to Gander Mountain for any of our family needs. I would certainly like to have "Caroline" spoken to - in fact, dismissed from her position.

Jan 30, 2017

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