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Their measurement charts made me suspicious, so, after checking and seeing a 30 day return policy (I should have looked for more specifics) I ordered 2 sizes of everything with the intent of sending back what didn't fit or flatter. You know? SHOPPING?!
When I ordered, I was not informed that anything was out of stock and I was charged for the entire order. I received half my order VERY quickly - less than a week.
I tried it on and was thrilled with several of the items - especially the retro-styled items that are hard to find. As an American L to XL, I was dismayed to find that their 4-5XL's fit me nicely. But they were cute, and some were of very nice quality. One or two were cheap and costumey. At these prices, I don't hold that against them. If I were looking for costume pieces, I'd still be happy.
So I waited a week and did not receive the shipment, notification, or a refund. I scoured their website for updates or contact methods. The ONLY way to contact them is to file a complaint! So I did, and as nicely as possible, asked for an update. I got a defensive response that they sent what was in stock. Still nicely, I responded, basically, "Cool! Any idea when I get the rest? Or should I pursue a refund?" The next response was the shipment of the other half. Great! So I need to keep after them - not ideal, but I can live with that.
The rest was of equal variations in quality and sizing. The sizing is all over the map. I tried on one 6XL bathing suit/dress combo, for example, where the dress was loose and beautiful on me. The bathing suit cut off my circulation and had NO CUPS - I mean I could put a bandaid on my areoles and have more coverage! NOT as pictured!
So I figured out what I was keeping and what was going back and set about to find the return instructions - apparently THIS should have been my first task BEFORE ordering! Their "return" policy is very vague. You have to file a complaint...about EACH ITEM, filling in the order and item numbers and your name, address, phone, etc for EVERY form. And the choices are "defective or damaged." How about "too small" "don't like" "looks horrible on a curvy girl or a girl with any bust at all, but otherwise nothing wrong with it?" I filled out 14 of these on 6/21/17 and requested the address. (Unlike anyplace else I've ever ordered online, return info and address was NOT in the package.)
The response was "please send pictures of the defect and we MIGHT let you return them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA"
I wrote back, "You want me to send you pictures of my fat hanging out of clothes that don't fit?? Despite the fact I'm keeping the larger sizes - proof that the larger ones fit?? I have to humiliate myself for customer service??"
Response: "Ok, just send us detailed descriptions (2nd time) of the problem and pics of the item and the packaging for us to check." (Wouldn't they want to check THE ITEM when it comes back??)
So I attached 14 pictures of the items/packages to the 14 complaints - which, online, no longer contained the item numbers - VERY confusing - and wrote detailed descriptions- AGAIN.
Response: "We'll give you $20 if you donate the items. You don't want to pay for shipping here."
Me: "My company has bulk, discounted shipping. SEND THE ADDRESS."
Them: "You have to pay for the shipping, but we'll refund the items."
They FINALLY sent me an RMA form. The return address is CALIFORNIA!!! I'll paste below for ease. But I had to fill out, by hand, their RMA form with order number, RMA number, items numbers, skus, and reason for return AGAIN. (Time #3, for those playing along at home.)
For those who have taken a long time to read this - it took TEN DAYS to get this far in the return process. I have just shipped it via UPS. I have read the instructions, filled in every blank and kept copies of EVERYTHING so they don't find some other arbitrary reason to withhold refund. I very much hope to see a full merchandise refund to my credit card in another 14 days after receipt. I made a copy of EVERYTHING and scanned it to them. I have spent more time on this return than I did updating my company's tax returns with the IRS!!
So, in the final analysis: If I was interested in a product where fit was not a huge issue -like a full skirt or a pancho, or something that could be easily altered (costume items would be cheap enough to include a $20 alteration in my budget) - I would order from them again. But I will NEVER order anything I have any inkling I might have to even think about returning! CUSTOMER SERVICE FAIL!!! I really wish I could TRUST them to let me "SHOP" and know that I could easily return merchandise I can't use for merchandise refund, because the items that fit were WONDERFUL. (So many places offer free shipping, even return shipping - welcome to 2017, Shen Zhou/Gamiss! But if I know, up front, that I am paying it, I will factor that in. It's fine.)
Here is the much sought after holy grail USA return address (it might not do any good without an RMA, but at least you can calculate your charges.)
Shun Zhou
POBOX 3887, 10950 Arrow Rte, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [protected]

Jun 30, 2017
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      Dec 19, 2017

    Thank you for the address, I, soon will be doing a return also because of paying more for shipping of 5-7 days and haven't even gotten my item yet, ordered it on the 2nd of December and it is now December 19th and haven't receive it and the last I look at the shipping was going to be here next week, wow it will be 25 days total when it gets here, so much for paying more for faster shipping!!! SO ANNOYED WITH THIS WEBSITE, never had a problem ordering from CHINA before, this is by far the worst EVER!!

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